Automated video preview feature for Ruutu VoD service

In Nelonen Media’s Ruutu video-on-demand (VOD) service, viewers have the opportunity to see a short summary of the program’s content. This is enabled by an auto-preview feature developed by Media Tailor.

Arousing the viewer's interest

The auto-preview feature was tailored for Ruutu to enrich the user experience. Trailer-like preview videos provide more than just images or text. Previews are generated using structuring rules based on the program blocks which help VoD audiences to reach addictive content without spoiling. The preview feature activates automatically and works in all different Ruutu applications for example Smart-TV, mobile,, and AppleTV.

The preview video produced with program segments looks like it could be human-made, even though it's a fully automated function. With this workflow, we save a considerable amount of time.

                       – Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media Finland

Rules behind automation

The automated preview feature for Ruutu was published in January 2022. The preview video lasts 30 seconds and consists of three program segments containing the most tempting clips for the viewer. Finding the best program points for the preview video required testing and refining different rules. The well-synchronized system is built together with the Nelonen development team for Ruutu’s application interface. It includes custom-made preview videos by Media Tailor and an API built by Nelonen Media which allows apps to find preview videos that match their series.

Media Tailor was actively looking for different solutions that would work for us by brainstorming topics together. We have been satisfied with Media Tailor's simple, cost-effective, and highly functional solution.

                       – Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media Finland

In addition to automation, the service solution includes a manual option for the promotion team. Content producers may replace the automated preview with manually edited promotion.

Ruutu auto preview view example

Video resonates, now and in the future

Video is known to be a more powerful visual tool for attracting the viewer’s attention compared to a still image. More and more streaming services are using the auto-preview feature in their program offerings. Either with or without sound – and no wonder, because video leaves a stronger impression on the viewer than, for example, plain text content. Planning and producing a good video clip, however, requires skill in hooking the viewer.

Preview feature can be modeled in all streaming services that utilize the advanced Media Logistics solution developed by Media Tailor.

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Media Tailor has been operating the Media Logistics and Playout of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels since November 2016.