Sanoma trusts in intelligent media management and centralizes audiovisual archives on Media Tailor’s platform

Bulletin: Sanoma trusts in intelligent media management and centralizes audiovisual archives on Media Tailor’s platform

Sanoma Media Finland streamlined their video and audio content management. Transformation of media industry and digital multichannel publications with high-paced launching schedules challenge companies to change their ways of managing content.

Finnish service company Media Tailor has developed a high-tech service platform that enables automation for all media files such as video, audio, images etc. and their processing (e.g. different versions and archiving).

With this agreement Sanoma centralizes their audiovisual archives to Media Tailor.

“We want to provide the best solution for managing media content and automating processes. Our growing collaboration with Sanoma is a huge recognition and a sign that we have succeeded in trying to achieve our vision.” tells Markus Paul, CEO of Media Tailor.

Sanoma Media Finland produces approximately 3,000 audio and video clips per month. Their platform ISTV, for instance, produces a lot of online programs targeted for several different online audiences along with their online news selection. Media Tailor provides a web-based online platform and users can access and utilize all content from clip archives.

“As a huge broadcaster we have great amount of audio and video content for different kinds of platforms and audiences. It is necessary to be able to control our content in one place in order to utilize it in all channels and publications effectively.” comments Matti Lampinen, CTO of Nelonen Media.

Sanoma is satisfied with the successful integration

Media Tailor’s platform provides automation that supports Sanoma’s core operations creating new possibilities for using and monetizing content.

Media files with metadata are being collected using integrations. Data-driven technology enables management (e.g. transferring and archiving) of different content and makes processing (different versions for television and OTT) and accessing for postproductional purposes more efficient. Media Tailor’s cloud service is scaled to meet customers needs.

“Media Tailor is a reliable expert organization and their knowledge about data-driven automation is state-of-the-art.” says Matti Lampinen.

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company that reaches most of the Finns every day. Since 2016 media logistics and playout of Nelonen Media’s television and OTT platform Ruutu has been operated by Media Tailor Oy, a service company focused in intelligent media management.