Every Company is a Media Company

Production and consumption of digital content, especially video, has increased exponentially. Only in YouTube alone people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views every day – hundreds of hours are being uploaded to their video network every minute.

According to Cisco, a telecommunications network manufacturer, almost 80% of consumers’ Internet bandwidth is specifically used for streaming and downloading video.

“Every Company is a Media Company” has been the phrase that I’ve been using when making decisions about Media Tailor’s roadmap and software development from the very beginning. We have also studied the market accurately. We did a market survey with Funnel in 2019 and found out that ca 55 % of interviewed companies have over 1000 media assets during any given moment. And it was back in 2019. So now this is not just a phrase. It is true. That’s why we created Media Pocket.

Producing video content is no longer a job just for media companies and big studios. Private individuals and businesses produce the majority of the content they consume. Marketing and communication departments review, comment on, and approve daily produced videos to have them published on time and make them visible to the general public.

This blog post was designed and written by Media Tailor’s CEO, Markus Paul.

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