Graphics solution for TV and web streaming broadcasting

Time to upscale your media offering and maximize the appeal of advertising sales? Media Tailor's Graphics Hub allows broadcasters to deliver unique TV and streaming experiences for the engagement of individual viewers. Dynamic graphics increase creative team's efficiency and ease their work with ever-growing content and channel quantity.
  • Generate TV graphics while producing website layouts with automatic convert.
  • Create whole programs without extra manual work based on a single XML file.
  • Enhance and bring brands to life with dynamic, animated templates.
  • Integrate advertising messages straight into channel branding graphics.
  • Display and moderate user generated content in real-time from any source.
  • Leverage any external data sources e.g. weather, traffic and news in graphic templates.

Graphics Hub

Type: Software-based web technology
Launch: Spring 2021
Co-developers: TV Tools, SmartPX
Reference: Nelonen Media
Supported integrations:
RSS Feeds
Custom Rest APIs
Adobe tools for Design

Solution Overview

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GH Data

Reads and processes schedule-related metadata into graphics data. A variety of rules / conditions can be configured to produce graphics. Data parcel truncates the unneeded data.


GH Storage

Media content is managed through Storage. Data flow is automated and integrated with customer’s systems. Content is automatically linked to graphic templates.


GH Social

GH Social enables to display of user-generated content from any social media channel for real-time linear TV broadcast and web streaming broadcast. Integrates with various social media platforms. Users can moderate comments and other events such as likes. Ready integration with the commonly used social media management platform, Flockler.


GH Engine

Based on Caspar CG server and  HTML templates that enable agile editing capabilities for dynamic, versatile graphics.


  • Time savings
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Ease

Examples of Sanoma Media's graphics

Slide 1. Picks of the multi-layered graphics and channel branding visuals of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channel. The system enables playback for video, images and audio. The current program name and channel and upcoming program listing are displayed based on the schedule information.

Slide 2. A unique HS news feature allows displaying real-time data on HS website and any other desired channel number 4. The news headline, text and wallpaper are automatically downloaded from RSS feed. You may check today’s hot new topics in real-time here.

Slide 3. The whole Keno lottery show (inc. Keno + Synttärit -games) is generated automatically based on a single XML file.

End-to-end solutions for the whole content supply chain

Media Tailor empowers companies to succeed in the ever-growing media industry. We provide the smoothest content flow solution so that our customers can focus on what matters the most – great content and further – the number of watching pairs of eyes. Our portfolio contains the following services;

Media Pocket MAM

Forget about local archives and build your very own media library! You’ll be able to have your materials and metadata all in one place and always on-hand. Cloud service combined with easy-to-use UI is all you need to keep your precious content in order.

Media Logistics

Media Tailor is your own smooth media operator. Our fully customized service platform and automated workflows can be tailored to meet your needs. Intelligent media management will take your operations to the next level.


We will keep your broadcasting flow solid and smooth! Distribution of linear and OTT is operated in Media Tailor’s MCR with high-tech playout automation. Dynamic monitoring and professional personnel guarantee fast problem solving and error-free flow 24/7.

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