Hybrid Cloud For Media Content Supply Chain Using Future-Proof Cloud Service

Service technology is rapidly advancing. Media Tailor is embracing these developments to help broadcasters and content owners work.

Why to go hybrid?

By adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, media organizations can rapidly achieve their business goals while maintaining complete control over their media archive and pricing. A low-risk cloud transfer is always customized according to the company’s needs.

This process, which strives for future-proof operations, improves quality, streamlines and optimizes operations, cuts costs, increases the rate of return on invested capital and increases the audience.

Obstacles to tackle

Challenge #1 Point-to-point connectivity

  • Each system in the platform has its own API
  • Each system must understand the others 
  • Changes in one component will affect all the other systems

Challenge #2 Media location and technology

  • Diverse technology and protocols of access control
  • Workflows must be aware of media location to minimize unnecessary media traffic

Challenge #3 Multisite workflows

  • Local media management capabilities 
  • Minimization of media migration between cloud and on-premises
  • Global management and monitoring to include metrics, reports and the capability to optimize the workflows when needed

Our solution

Media Pocket Loader enables an easy and effortless transition to the hybrid cloud: integrate your local server systems with Media Pocket cloud service for automated media transfers from site to cloud and back. Seamless workflows can be fully customised and even large libraries are transferred quickly with a maintained folder structure.

Read more about our Media Asset Management platform (MAM) Media Pocket and Media Pocket Loader here. Or get in touch with us right away:

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