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Streamlined Content Workflows

Streamlined content workflows for digital media management and distribution

Media Tailor is a Finnish media technology company that provides cloud-based media management solutions for automating media supply chain workflows and optimizing content distribution across multiple platforms and channels.

We provide our services to some of the largest media companies in the Nordic countries. Our vision is to provide every media company with the world’s best media flow with cutting-edge professionalism and innovativeness.









Media Pocket – Media Management Done Right

The media industry is going through changes, and the uncertain period of recent years seems to continue for a long time. The amount of media to be processed increases, but so do the costs.

Many examples show that digitization has become perhaps even the most significant factor for success in the media industry. It drives companies into a challenging situation: operations must be made more efficient and costs must be cut, but at the same time huge strides should be made in digitization.

Media Pocket resolves this problem. Media Pocket is a modern cloud-based DAM system that not only saves you time, but also makes digital asset and media management efficient and cost effective.

Our market research revealed that on average, in most large and mid-sized companies, more than five people spend more than five hours a week on handling, managing and searching media assets. Media Pocket has the potential to achieve savings of up to 70% in time when working with media assets. It results not only in time efficiencies but also substantial cost and resource savings.

High-Quality Playout

Our services are not limited to Media Pocket. We effortlessly outsource the playout of your current and upcoming linear and OTT channels, ensuring seamless delivery for even the most intricate and dynamic channels, including live broadcasts.

All-In Media Logistics

Experience our comprehensive End-to-End Media Logistics service, encompassing material operations and coordination. We can offer fully automated processes for ingesting, processing, and publishing materials. In addition, you can leverage our dynamic Channel Branding Solution for TV and Web Streaming Broadcasting.


Transforming the Media Industry

Our mission is to revolutionize the way media companies manage and distribute their content by providing an end-to-end media flow solution for the entire content supply chain.

At IBC, we have the privilege of demonstrating our expertise and solutions to the entire media industry. It’s a platform where we not only showcase our capabilities but also absorb fresh ideas and insights. We believe that our extensive range of solutions and services can cater to the diverse needs of media companies across the spectrum.

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Let’s Meet at IBC 2023 – Or After It!

What we enjoy most at IBC is the opportunity to meet current and new customers and partners. Although time is always limited, especially during fairs. That’s why we want to talk to you when it’s most convenient for you.

Here you can find our contact information. Don’t hesitate to contact us!