Nelonen Media’s interactive linear TV broadcasts

Media companies are considering ways to engage TV audiences. Participating viewers by driving conversations ultimately generate committed fans and boosts the growth of viewership. Media Tailor’s Graphics Solution integrates with Flocker’s social media platform. This integration enables Nelonen Media to easily manage and display user-generated content (UGC) from social media on their linear TV channels’ live broadcasts.

Communication - the key to communality

Interactivity plays a big role in terms of phenomenization: it creates a special added value for the program. Paying attention to the viewer and involving them will inevitably bring a positive reputation to the channel. No wonder media companies are leveraging interactivity to witness a clear increase in time spent watching TV.

Interactivity is important for dedicated viewers. For example, Temptation Island Finland has built up its well-established community audience. Some episodes of the most recent seasons have had up to 3000 tweets per episode!

Reea Kotka, Nelonen Media, Production Assistant and Social Media Moderator

A good example of on-air linear TV interactivity: In the Temptation Island Finland reality show, the audience has an opportunity to participate via Twitter.

How does the solution work?

Flockler is a live marketing platform that allows various social media platforms to be embedded in other digital platforms. With the integration of Media Tailor’s Graphics Solution, developed in cooperation with SmartPX and TV Tools, it is also possible to place social media posts on linear TV. An interactive feature built for Nelonen Media’s live broadcasts enables viewers to participate in the program with comments, emojis, and images.

Graphics Hub data traffic is automated between existing workflows and external data sources thanks to a modern database solution and API. With the help of Flockler, the most popular social media platforms are smoothly synchronized with each other, improving the company’s visibility.

It is human after all

Flockler makes it possible to create automatic feeds yourself or search for a specific hashtag or term and they are updated for chosen feed. It’s also a handy tool for content search from different social media platforms. All social media posts are moderated before publication on Media Tailor’s Graphics Solution, with an easy-to-use UI.

With Media Tailor’s Graphics Solution UI, you can simply browse posts and select them. Posts will appear in one bar where you can move the most interesting tweets to another bar for publishing on television.

Possible other use cases

With Flockler integration, there are a lot of cost-effective opportunities for media companies to take advantage of, for example…

  • Live monitoring from the chosen location, where the audience’s reactions are curated.
  • Participation via Facebook with a hashtag.
  • Participation via a form (text, images, even videos) direct on the company’s website. 
  • A hashtag campaign related to the TV program or theme in cooperation with the advertiser.
With our solution, companies build and strengthen customer relationships: it's worth thinking about a concept that would inspire them to produce content together. As a result of participation, the content spreads rapidly among friends and will surely get more interactions than any of the company's own content. What could be better marketing than someone else’s content that highlights the company's hashtag or a theme important to the company? That’s a true bonanza for brand visibility.

Toni Hopponen, Flockler, CEO

Interested to hear more about our Graphics Solution and social media sharing possibilities?

Sanoma Media is the leading media house in Finland. Nelonen Media is one of the business units of Sanoma Media Finland Oy, a subsidiary of the Sanoma Group. Almost 100% of Finnish people spend time with Sanoma’s print and digital media every week.

Media Tailor has been operating the Media Logistics and Playout of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels since November 2016.

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