Saying “I do to automation” – Case Ruutu

In a world where streaming services are popping up like mushrooms after rain, Nelonen Media’s Ruutu+ streaming service decided to dramatically increase its content offering. With the aim of creating more value for its subscribers and to stand out in a consolidated market. To achieve this, they commissioned Media Tailor to craft a unique, fully automated, material ingestion workflow for the swift handling of large amounts of SVOD “subscription video on demand” materials.

More fresh movies, series and documentaries - watchable faster than ever before

Media Tailor created a workflow automation that allows Ruutu+ to bring materials to the end-user before the ink is even dry on the deal with the content provider.

Media Tailor’s workflow automation has decreased the need for manual work in processes by streamlining the management and publishing of new materials.

                       – Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media Finland

Essentially, this eliminates all the hassle of manually entering metadata and dramatically decreases the need for communication between individuals in the material procurement process, all of which is very time-consuming. Perhaps even more significant is the sheer volume and speed at which this media pipeline can handle materials, thus freeing resources to be dedicated to core functions such as producing materials and developing internal processes.

What goes on under the hood?

Nelonen Media makes a deal for new media content with local or global content distributors or production companies based on Ruutu’s VoD data analytics, such as the viewership for a certain genre. Once the agreement is signed, a new, flawless media flow is about to begin.

Once received, Media Tailor handles all the materials via the automated workflow, where the broadcast video file is ingested alongside metadata, subtitles, and placeholder images.

After automated packaging, the ready-to-go media file is published on the Ruutu+ platform, where the viewer can enjoy them immediately.

Ruutu content flow

The VoD explosion isn’t showing any signs of slowing down

According to a pre-pandemic conducted study: online video consumption has increased 16% from the year 2019 to 2020. It grew a whopping 85% since 2016 and it’s safe to say that the global pandemic has ramped up these numbers even further. The same study concluded that TV shows are the most consumed form of online media followed closely by movies. The biggest deal-breaker in a subscription streaming service was the lack of content. This deal breaker is something that Media Tailor’s workflow automation helps address due to the efficiency at which it can bring new content to subscribers.

Significant competitive advantage through automation

During this global pandemic streaming services are developing rapidly, now more than ever we have time to spend cozy nights at home by our beloved television, tablet or smartphone watching our favorite tv shows and movies. Media Tailor’s custom automation gives streaming services an edge over the competition and provides significant added value for consumers.

Automation is a big factor for us to bring in new materials, the implementation works, Media Tailor is a natural place for it. From our perspective, it's important that our material services and VoD automation are at the same source

                       – Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media Finland

“Developing automation and interfaces requires flexibility, trust, and commitment from all parties so that common goals are met. It is a pleasure to work with, and share an outstanding strategic collaboration with Sanoma, Ruutu+, and teams from Nelonen Media.” Commented Markus Paul, CEO at Media Tailor.

The future of content supply chain automation

At Media Tailor, exciting things are happening in the near future regarding our media management ecosystem. Media Pocket, smart media management platform, is designed to streamline media flow even further as a centralized tool for all actors in the content supply chain.

Media Pocket - smart media management platform for every company
Media Pocket is a new generation cloud-based platform for intelligent media management. Its constantly evolving features include artificial intelligence for image recognition and a versatile API.

When quizzed about the direction automation development could take in the future Media Tailor’s CEO Markus Paul stated:

“A requirement for a fully automated content supply chain is that every link in the chain is a part of it. We have now automated Sanoma’s process from content distributors to the home viewer. There is still room for improvement at the beginning of the distribution chain, and of course with other VoD services. Our solution is designed to serve the whole content supply chain for every company that produces, owns or handles media in daily operations. And the segment is wide, because nowadays every company is a media company.”

Representing a content distributor,  a production company, a broadcaster or a streaming service provider? Yup, we have a solution offer to you in case you are interested to take full advantage of automation and enhance material distribution. Book a time for a meeting with our CEO to discover your specific needs. You can also leave your contact details and we will get back to you soon.

Sanoma Media is the leading media house in Finland. Nelonen Media is one of the business units of Sanoma Media Finland Oy, a subsidiary of the Sanoma Group. Almost 100% of Finnish people spend time with Sanoma’s print and digital media every week. 

Media Tailor has been operating the Media Logistics and Playout of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels since November 2016.


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