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Rip the advantages of media supply chain automation and high-performance content lake in the cloud

Our smart media management platform, Media Pocket allows you to manage your digital content more efficiently and effectively.

As you know, media houses deal with a vast amount of digital assets on a daily basis, including images, videos, audio files, documents, and more. Without a proper system in place, it can be challenging to keep track of all of these assets, especially as the amount of content grows over time.

Media Pocket is already used by the biggest media houses in Finland.

In addition being your primary cloud partner, our core expertise is to provide enterprise-class Media Logistics services. Wether your’re seeking a solution for seamless TV and OTT Channel distribution, and or material operations, and coordination — we got you covered.








Only the best for your media supply chain

Digitalization of markets and expanding of OTT means that especially multichannel media houses have to adapt quickly.  Different file formats, several delivery and distribution platforms and systems with no integrations cause time-consuming processes and more manual tasks. Manual tasks present a significant risk of human error. Additionally, manual monitoring consumes substantial time, poses reporting challenges, and most importantly, incurs substantial expenses.

Allow us to create a cutting-edge solution that elevates the coordination, management, and multi-channel distribution of your media content.

We will design flexible solution to your specific needs, tailored to include one, a few, or all of following services:

Smooth Playout services

Outsource the of playout for your linear and OTT channels to us. We guarantee service level agreement up to 99.99%, meaning seamless distribution for even the most complex and dynamic content, including live broadcasts.

Our local MCR (Master Control Room) with advanced playout automation serves as the central hub for distribution. Supported by our skilled team and dynamic monitoring capabilities, we swiftly address any issues, ensuring uninterrupted content flow round the clock, prioritizing error-free delivery.

Comprehensive Media Logistics solution

We offer a end-to-end Media Logistics service for material operations and coordination. All technology is located in data centers owned and operated by us. Ingesting, processing and publishing the materials can be fully automated. Data-driven automation and workflows make operating different materials more efficient, fast and reliable. All materials and metadata are safe and secured, and always available for use through Media Tailor’s web-based user interface.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of our dynamic Channel Branding Solution designed for broadcasting on both television and web streaming platforms.

Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor

Content repository that boosts metadata discoverability

Media Pocket is an all-in-one media platform that centralizes all your content and related metadata in one content lake, making it easy for media houses to manage their content across teams and departments. Media Pocket allows you to take your media management and archives easily to the cloud.

From planning to production and all the way to publishing. Media Pocket centralizes all your media content and metadata in one place. It is a system-agnostic, API-friendly, scalable, and easy-to-integrate archive platform for all media assets and metadata.

Metadata powers the discoverability of news content; good capture, tagging, and cataloging help news journalism live longer, travel further and make some money along the way.

With Media Pocket you don’t have to worry about system independence. Even if you change your publishing system, all your media will remain stored in the cloud.

Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
Media Tailor

Centralize your media management in one content lake

Connect to the content ecosystem
Media Pocket integrates with all other softwares in your workflow.

Streamline workflows
Enables creating cost savings through automation and accessibility.

Reduce asset searching time
Find your media assets faster from your storage assisted by AI. Keep assets from being lost.

Ensure material safety
Our platform meets high-security standards and enables multi-level user rights.

Enhance team collaboration
Comment on an asset-level and perform an easy approval process straight in the archive.

Scale as your business grows
Media Pocket easily scales up as your business needs develop further.

Media Tailor

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Media Tailor
Media Tailor

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Other industries

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