The media content boom offers new opportunities for innovative Finnish companies

Companies that rely on automation have the keys to success

Finnish media technology company Media Tailor is helping companies – not just to survive, but thrive in the midst of the digital revolution. Nelonen Media, part of Sanoma Media Finland and a long-term customer of the company, thanks its partner for their courageous and solution-driven approach.

In the shadow of Pasila’s legendary Yleisradio’s TV tower, there is an office full of screens and pieces, from where Media Tailor runs e.g. Video materials from Sanoma’s diverse channel range, such as Ruutu and Nelonen. The company specializes in developing comprehensive solutions for the media content supply chain.

Markus Paul
Media Tailor Oy
We are, in a way, a logistics company operating in a virtual context. We make sure that the media and the related metadata are in the right place, visible to viewers at just the right time. What sets us apart from other players is that we not only understand technology but the entire media industry and its requirements.

Paul knows what he’s talking about because, despite his young age, he also has years of experience as a video producer.

In 2021, there will be more video content produced and consumed than ever before. And the trend shows no signs of fading – on the contrary. “Now, if ever, technology solutions that free up resources for media management are extremely important,” Paul gets serious.

“There is a need to manage the basics, such as secure archiving and distribution, but there is also a huge potential for the future in the use of data and artificial intelligence for example. Not only in technology, but also in content production,” he describes.

According to Paul, choosing a credible and reliable media technology partner gives customer companies a clear competitive advantage in the international market. The digital platform developed by Media Tailor guarantees efficient and automated media management.

– We see our role in such a way that with our help, domestic media houses can genuinely compete against global waste. We also enable the intensive sales of content from other content-focused players, such as production companies, and further growth dreams at the international level. Finland has a huge potential and expertise, he presents.

Cooperation with Nelonen Media is based on mutual development

Media Tailor has been responsible for the media logistics and broadcasting of Nelonen Media’s TV channels and VOD / SVOD channels of the Ruutu streaming service since 2016.

Matti Lampinen,
Director of Media Distribution and Technology,
Nelonen Media Finland
Challenger's attitude and startup spirit are particularly fascinating in Media Tailor's approach. Development ideas are boldly presented and there are always several solutions to things instead of one obvious solution.

Expansion to new areas is carried out with active and close cooperation. For example, Media Tailor is praised for its flexible transition from linear TV to digital services. In utilizing automation, Media Tailor has helped Nelonen Media take big steps forward.

Antti Pyysalo,
Chief Technology Officer,
Nelonen Media Finland
The right partners play an important role in utilizing new opportunities and developing competitiveness. Not only do we buy the service, but our partners contribute to where we can direct our business.