We are moving to new premises

Our office will move to brand new premises in Pasila’s Iso Paja. The transition will take place in two parts: office workers will move in June and operators will follow in the fall. We will share the new property with our parent company, TV Tools, which will further enhance the provision of comprehensive solutions for media production and distribution.

Accomplishing the move

The move to only one block away is carried out in two parts for logistical and technical reasons. The operation of broadcasting and material services will continue at Yle Mediatalo’s premises till October and the rest of the office workers will be in the new premises right away after the opening on June 16th. Therefore, our brand new Media Center in Iso Paja will be completed in October 2022.

Sharing is caring

Centralising the cooperation with TV Tools will optimize the companies’ already strong synergy and ensure quality service from start to finish. The facilities on the second floor of the Iso Paja include for example functional customer spaces and the fresh Showroom.

Welcome to visit the new headquarter in Pasila’s central location at Radiokatu 3!

With Kindest Wishes,

Your Media Tailor team

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