Wrap-up of 2021

As another year draws to a close, it’s a good time to recall the highlights of the past 12 months. Honestly, this was not quite the year we were planning when we were ringing in 2021. We widely assumed that the endpoint of coronavirus will soon emerge. Despite continued turbulence and concern caused by the world’s health situation, we are pretty sure that we can all find some positive outcomes to be grateful for this year. Here is a list of things that we are especially proud of on behalf of our company:

1. Teams' and customers' continued dedication

Our team deserves deep appreciation for contributions and commitment throughout the year. Without our people’s professionalism, operations wouldn’t be able to run. We have given our all to maintain a secure, flexible and the most of all, positive work environment where all can feel comfortable. We have nurtured communality daily with virtual gatherings, occasional get-togethers and encouraging feedback culture.

It’s safe to say – we have grown even stronger as a team, although being physically separated most of the time. Dedication has concretized also at an individual level: the willingness to take part, learn more and grow within the company is incredible and indescribably valuable.

Praise to our long-term customers that have shown continuous trust and loyalty towards our services. Thank you! We are eager and most honoured to continue supporting you and your business to succeed in the striving competition of the modern world filled with digital media and content.

2. New stars at our customer base

On top of our amazing long-term partners, we’ve been able to customize and fit our services to help new businesses as well. 

One notable accomplishment took place in August 2021, when Yle chose Media Pocket as a centralized image management platform for its marketing and communications material archives. This was significant proof that Media Pocket also meets the needs of an enormous media house. Read more about the case here. 

Moreover, a new contract in the service area of media logistics was signed. We can’t wait to tell you more about it next year.

3. Graphics Hub launch

Talking about new projects fulfilled with our existing customers; Media Tailor and TV Tools co-developed a completely new linear TV channels graphics processing and running solution for Media Tailor’s service platform. Graphics hub was successfully launched in spring 2021 and the fruits of the project can be proven all along on Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels.

Keno graphics hub
Nelonen Media Media Tailor graphics hub näyte
Nelonen Media Media Tailor graphics hub näyte1
Keno synttärit graphics hub

4. Media Pocket further development

Media Tailor’s very own digital asset platform Media Pocket has taken huge user-driven development leaps in 2021, becoming a superior tool for smooth media management. Our amazing dev team, comprising Media Tailor’s and TV Tools’ professionals, made this possible. A big shout out to You! 

We gathered a list of use cases and top features brought to Media Pocket during 2021. Have a look!

5. Intensifying group cooperation

Media Tailor and its parent company TV Tools have cooperated closely right from the early days of Media Tailor’s establishment. But now cooperation has taken new heights as more powers are combined for example in the areas of sales and marketing. Yet there’s more planned and the changes will be implemented next year. Together, we’re able to serve our customers more comprehensively from media production all the way to media managing and distribution.

Now that’s all about our year. Hoping that You and yours have stayed safe and positive things far outweigh the negative this year. Now, let’s prepare ourselves – a new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless! 💫

With Kindest Wishes,

Your Media Tailor team

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