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DAM – what, to whom and why?

DAM (Digital Asset Management) is about centralizing your content and files to a browser-based agile platform. But when do you need it?

Clear the terminology, please!

Do you occasionally feel like bouncing around with photos through email is exhausting? Are you sick of the fragmentation of assets in different locations? Do you need to once again remind your colleague about the naming standards of assets, so the materials would be easy for others to find as well? Does the storage or email yet again seem to have swallowed the newest version of the product video? Is there outdated brand material tossing around in the archives? We feel your pain. Now we’re in the center of DAM.

Digital asset management may sound boring as a term, but on the other hand, it helps to execute the most boring tasks faster and more efficiently.

What we mean when talking about digital asset management is centralizing all digital content such as photos, videos, and other formats into one browser-based software. “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) means purchasing software as a service instead of licensing or installing one.

With DAM you lead your brand’s digital property effortlessly and consistently with a true tire-like pro touch from one software only. Media assets are easy to find, applicable, and shareable- both for the organisation’s inner and outer participants as well as third parties such as media, customers, and partners.

DAM software works as your organisation’s personal librarian, who knows even the dustiest parts of your brand archive like their own pockets and brings the material you need in a blink of an eye, when you need it the most.

Why DAM?

The manual management work of digital assets takes up more work hours than ever, as global digitalization has skyrocketed the number of assets in corporate use. And that’s no wonder, since all communication begins with the content. The need for new, relevant material is intense in order for the organization to fight over media positions within competitors.

The flood of assets has to be tamed so that it wouldn’t waste the valuable human resources dedicated to creative or otherwise more productive work. Utilizing a DAM eliminates several bottlenecks in handling digital assets, streamlining the whole content chain from archiving and managing to sharing.

To whom is DAM suitable to?

DAM is suitable for all organizations that have jumped in the ride of digitalization, producing and controlling photos and videos for both inner and outer communications. The need for streamlining digital asset management is present in nearly all organizations.

DAM is optimal for creative, communication, and marketing teams, who run most of the brand’s visual material. In addition, DAM also benefits many other departments such as sales, HR, and management, who need up-to-date brand material in their projects.

DAM’s benefits in a nutshell

📌 Findability of material. In a simple storage space you can search for material usually only according to the files’ name and date. With DAM the searching process is highly more efficient and saves time used trying to locate files: the searches can be executed using the contents of the material with the automatized metadata utilization enabled by AI.

💸 Productivity. One employee could use up to hours of their work on a weekly basis on searching for files and different versions. And if one employee doesn’t find the files they need, they ask about it from their colleagues. Therefore, they multiply the time wasted on locating a file. By fixing this issue, DAM actually saves you time and money. The resources saved from low-value tasks can now be allocated towards more productive activities.

💁‍♀️ The enjoyment of work & improved relationships with stakeholders. DAM makes working with digital assets easy and pleasant, thanks to the modern and functional user interface. Also, the relationships with customers and stakeholders are doing great, as the collaboration with materials has been made convenient instead of bouncing files around by email.

🛡️ The safety of assets. DAM- software is a centralized and secure home for all the digital content within the organization that can be shared both internally and externally by granting rights of different levels for employees or by inviting guests to review assets.

🔗 Integration possibilities. With an open API- interface, the DAM software can be integrated as a part of other services focused on digital content. In an optimal situation, DAM functions as a centre of an ecosystem, creating a seamless media flow. For example, with DAM the organization can control the product photos of the website, share posts straight to social media channels, and record different versions of material to be applied into DAM’s storage space. Or all of these!

⭐ The harmony of a consistent brand. With a DAM software, we’re making sure that all participants and departments of the organization have the same updated photos and videos applicable according to the brand guidelines. No fear of outdated material, such as logos, to be seen for the world!

Cloud-based DAM is the most agile of them all

A cloud-based DAM software allows fast access to the digital assets despite the location- without deviation of security. The independence of location is very important, especially when the team is working at a distance. A VPN access to the organization’s local folders is a solid option, but a very annoying one when struggling with the connections.

With the browser-based user interface, DAM can be used with any device from wherever, so you can conveniently comment and approve all photos and videos even with a cell phone during a afternoon walk.

We at Media Tailor always keep our smart DAM software Media Pocket’s pricing transparent and fair. Thinking of more specific use of DAM? Media Pocket can be integrated according to your organization’s special needs. In these cases, we suggest you contact our DAM expert for a consultation.

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