Discover Your Own Smooth Media Operator

Our staff is experienced in both traditional media production and broadcasting as well as in programming and ICT.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create seamless workflow.
Media Tailor wants to provide the best solution for the whole media content supply chain. We will develop new standards.

Our Mission

Media Tailor is your own smooth Media Operator.
We want to build long lasting strategic partnerships with our customers. Our vision drives us to be always up to date about data-driven state-of-the-art technologies and automation.

Why Us?

High-tech systems and in-house development combined with creative thinking and good customer care are the core foundation of our operations.
Media Tailor’s Services are centralized on our unique Service Platform. Our platform is designed to handle all kinds of media operations in one place. Processes with automated workflows increase efficiency, transparency and reduce drastically risks for human error. Successful integration guarantees that you'll be able to access, control and utilize your content easily. Seamless workflow of all content is supervised and secured by our professional Media Operators.

Meet Our Team

Markus Paul

Partner & CEO
Markus is a multitalented media professional with high ambition and long history in television field. He creates functional business models and transforms challenges into solutions.

Matti Tanttari

Service Manager
Matti leads our operational service team. He knows playout, media logistics and our platform inside out. He has an eye for details and development. Matti is an expert in sound engineering and ICT.

Konsta Hellsten

Development Manager
Konsta is a real digital native, he handles our development and the most trickiest support cases. In real life he's a YouTube star.

Patrik Björkenheim

Head of Operations
Patrik's toolkit holds an agile mindset and the understanding of adding value into business. He leads our day-to-day operations, development and product management. In this spare time he likes to enjoy the culinary world and magical internet stuff.

Aleksi Sinisalo

Service Designer
Aleksi has played a significant role in our system and service development. He writes beautiful scripts and creates complex diagrams. He is our very own barista.

Kari Vuosmaa

Media Operator
Kari is the master of live broadcasting and TV graphics. He is hugely experienced in all kinds of productions and has worked with different production houses and channels.

Mio Mellin

Media Operator
Mio is a part of Media Tailor's operational team. He is always up-to-date and at your service 24/7. He is a true professional of customer service. He has worked and studied abroad.

Tatu Sundberg

Media Operator
Tatu is reliable broadcasting specialist. His skills in Master Control Room and Material Services are much appreciated. He is always ready for new challenges - and always on good mood.

Tommi Vekkilä

Media Operator
Tommi is our helping hand with big heart. His work history is in video productions, support and coordination. He is creative and plays an important role in our Media Operator Team. Not to forget that he is super funny.

Anssi Hurskainen

Media Operator
Anssi isn’t afraid of hard work or challenging situations. He has work experience in very variable and volatile environment, also serving the public. He keeps himself fit and wears smart shirts.

Varpu Knuuttila

Media Operator
Varpu is one of the fundamental players in our operator team and always ready to take on new challenges. She has an intriguing hobby – Roller Derby – her team competes at international level!

Henri Mitikka

Media Operator
Henri is our audio guy. He is a specialist in audio editing, mixing, post production – you name it. He is also a well-experienced customer servant. He enjoys culture, especially music and photography.

Sara Jokelainen

Marketing Coordinator
Sara is Media Tailor's fresh Marketing Coordinator. Passionate about content creating and communications. As a glass-half-full person she is a true optimist that shines even though the sun is just a pie in the sky.

TV Tools Oy

Development Team
Ideas become innovations with a little help from our friends. Our tech partner TV Tools and their development plays an integral part on our path creating smooth operations.

Miikka Niemi

Sales and Marketing Specialist Trainee
Miikka is Media Tailor’s most recent draft- a power-up for our marketing and sales. A big dose of positive vibes, creativity and ambition. Amateur songwriter/musician.

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