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Efficient content workflows: Transforming digital media management and distribution

We take pride in being the preferred choice for numerous companies seeking enhanced efficiency in their content management and distribution workflows. On this page, you can explore our comprehensive collection of customer-specific cases.

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Since our early days, we’ve been providing reliable service to our customers. We’ve had the honor being the firm of choice of the following prestigious corporations:

Customer Stories


Sanoma is Finland’s largest media group. Nelonen Media, which is part of the group, has four television channels and several radio channels.

Customer Stories


MTV Oy is Finland’s leading commercial TV company: the home of phenomena, topics of discussion, stars and content.

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Yleisradio Oy is a national media company owned by the Finnish state. The organization operates on a daily basis with, among other things, three television channels, six radio channels and the Yle Areena streaming service.

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Vestia Oy is a waste management company owned by 16 municipalities within the Jokilaakso area.

Customer Stories


Music Museum Fame, located Pasila, Helsinki, is a modern, eventful museum. Visitors are introduced to Finnish music with multisensory experiences and through various musical genres.

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Why us?


Media Tailor is part of the TV Tools Group which has been developing and executing media technology since 1996. R&D is financed with Group’s own assets. Together we form a team with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions backed by years of industry experience.

Media field know-how

Our people have been working with media companies for more than a decade! Experience, know-how, and a deep understanding of the media industry enables us to effectively comprehend and address the most challenging requirements, ensuring superior service for our valued customers.

Nordic company

Media Tailor is entirely owned by Finnish media professionals, with the majority of them actively involved in the group. Our data centers are located in Finland and all data is stored inside ETA. We value and carry our responsibility for the Nordic nature with our unique environmental mission.

Experienced software development

We have a strong track record of effectively incorporating tailored functionalities, intricate integrations, and customised workflow designs to meet our customers’ specific requirements, from initial design through ongoing maintenance.