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The Fame Music Museum, located in Pasila, Helsinki, is an experiential museum of the new age, where Finnish music is presented versatilely and through many musical genres.

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Media Pocket is an integral part of FAME Platform

Media Pocket is an integral part of FAME Platform

FAME opened its doors to the public on October 16th 2019 and uses Finnish technology to manage all of their digital materials and content.

About FAME

Music Museum Fame, located Pasila, Helsinki, is a modern, eventful museum. Visitors are introduced to Finnish music with multi-sensory experiences and through various musical genres. Museum’s aim is to pay tribute to all kinds of music-makers. Inventive technical innovations are part of museum’s ideology, with which they invite visitors to participate and explore.

The heart of the museum is the Finnish Music Hall of Fame, established in 2018, which is annually completed by new commendable members.