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Whether you require a press portal, brand portal, newsroom, or material bank, Media Portal serves you the best. It is the all-encompassing solution for the management, distribution, and sharing of media content.

Media Portal offers user-friendly and secure sharing capabilities

Media Portal is a comprehensive solution for managing and sharing media content in chosen website outside of Media Pocket. With customized publication rules and the ability to organize and search content, Media Portal displays selected metadata and copyright information and ensures that the correct media versions are used.

Media Portal is always created according to your company’s brand. Additionally, it makes it easier for stakeholders to follow the lines of your brand, because it always offers the right branding options, such as fonts, colors and logos.

Versatile distribution and user management

In addition to the flexibility to distribute articles, images, audio, and video files, Media Portal offers robust user management tools.

These tools allow precise control over access permissions and ensure that only authorized individuals can view specific content. Moreover, it presents the choice to feature a mix of both public and private content, tailoring accessibility based on your requirements.

You have the option to deploy Media Portal with or without independent user management.

Adaptable integrations

The system provides adaptable integrations through REST API. This functionality permits seamless collaboration and interaction with various systems or services according to the preferences of your organization.

Whether it’s internal content or materials shared with the public, Media Portal ensures a secure and tailored approach to content management and distribution.

Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

Versatile Media Portal solutions: from press portal to marketing

Media Portal is suitable for many different needs. It can serve as a media or press portal, as it enables access to company-shared articles and downloadable materials, including an extensive program library.

Adaptable for different purposes, Media Portal is equally effective as a corporate website or intranet. For media organizations, it serves as a publishing platform, while brands can utilize it to disseminate marketing materials.

The crucial benefit lies in its seamless integration with Media Pocket, facilitating the effortless sharing of media subsets and ensuring stakeholders consistently possess the appropriate files in the required formats.

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