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AI Subtitling Advancement for Nelonen Media

The AI-based subtitling platform developed by Media Tailor and Amberscript helps Nelonen Media to improve the accessibility of its domestic content.

Producing subtitles for TV and streaming has long been expensive and time-consuming for media companies. The alternatives have been to rely on either subtitlers or automation. Where subtitlers have produced high-quality work, costs have been high. The various subtitling technologies, on the other hand, have been underdeveloped, resulting in poor quality work.

In response to the challenge, Media Tailor and Amberscript, a Dutch company, developed a cloud-based AI solution that brings AI into the subtitling process.

Nelonen Media has been the first to use the solution and has already proven the cost-effectiveness and huge potential of the platform for programme subtitling in a short period of time.

The subtitles will improve accessibility and the viewing experience on the different devices where our domestic content is available. The new process will enable us to produce them efficiently and with high quality.

Karri Helo, Development Manager, Nelonen Media

ai subtitling.
For example, the popular domestic drama series Syke has been subtitled with the new subtitling solution. Image: Nelonen Media.

All The Features You Need On A Single Platform

The cloud-based platform offers features such as transcription, subtitling, description interpretation, dubbing and translation. In other words, almost everything you need to create accessible content.

The platform leverages the expertise of language professionals and incorporates constantly evolving artificial intelligence.

The platform utilizes AI to generate subtitles. In practice, the subtitling process involves Media Pocket’s automation interface transferring the material via the cloud to the Amberscript service, where the AI creates its own version of the transcript.

An experienced transcriber then goes through the AI’s output and finishes it flawlessly. Next, the material is automatically transferred back to the Media Tailor platform, where it is automatically forwarded to the viewers’ eyes.

Above all, the seamless workflow is made possible by Media Pocket’s comprehensive integrations and interfaces, which seamlessly integrate with the Amberscript platform.

The strength of our solution lies in using AI as a tool while humans handle the finishing touches, achieving high-quality results cost-effectively and quickly. This approach ensures that AI is employed where it excels the most. From the customer’s perspective, our automated process is straightforward and clear.

Matti Tanttari, Service Manager Media Tailor

ai subtitling.

A Service To The Finnish Language And An Ever-Expanding Consumer Base

The platform already provides unique support for the Finnish language. It makes it possible to cost-effectively create high-quality subtitles directly from speech and voice. Thanks to continuous development, it is getting better every moment.

Our AI is constantly being trained, which means it has a very realistic potential to quickly become the best AI in the world at recognizing Finnish. The harsh truth is that no major AI provider is interested in such a small language. In that sense, we are in the cause of the whole Finnish language.

Markus Paul, CEO, Media Tailor

But the benefits of the platform are not limited to accessibility. In addition to almost revolutionizing the Finnish media industry, the platform also provides Finnish media companies with an excellent tool for internationalization thanks to its wide range of languages.

While the original role of subtitles was to help specific groups in need, the reality is that they are used by all user and age groups. In fact, the largest user group is women under 25. They are now used, for example, for language learning or in public transport, where it is not always possible to use sound to watch programmes.

These statistics clearly show that the majority of consumers are in fact served by investing in subtitles.

We have had the pleasure of creating this solution together with Nelonen Media and Amberscript. It has been great to work together to develop the Finnish media industry, digital accessibility and the Finnish language. We are looking forward to seeing what our solution can bring to the Finnish media landscape.