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Brand new graphics hub for Nelonen Media

Media Tailor and parent company TV Tools co-developed a completely new linear TV channels graphics processing and running solution for Media Tailor’s service platform. The Graphics Hub service entity fits into Nelonen Media’s advanced workflows for the agile management and exit of versatile and modern TV graphics.


Sanoma Media Finland requested its long-term media technology partners, Media Tailor and TV Tools to design and implement an application-based solution for graphic management due to the need to outsource, modernize and automate the graphics processing and running of TV broadcasts.

Previous maintenance of the graphics application took up a lot of Nelonen’s internal resources. It did not yield to a highly automated workflow as desired; file format restrictions, graphics rules are hard to manage and the playlist requires slow, hard encoding.


The Graphics Hub product automates data traffic between the systems used as part of current service production. Modern database solution and API enable unified data management between existing workflows, external data sources and platforms.

The use of Html in graphic templates enables dynamic graphic templates and elements creation. In connection with the application change, a new KENO (lottery gaming show owned by Veikkaus) entity was also introduced, which SmartPX offers to Sanoma in cooperation with Media Tailor.


A reliable graphics automation under continuous maintenance and control by Media Tailor creates concrete resource savings for Nelonen Media. 

The graphics are easy to manage, even if there is a need to change the short notice period. The solution opens up new opportunities for Nelonen Media in the field of expanding advertising sales.

The customized and highly scalable application  also serves future changes and visions, such as the enhanced use of external data with artificial intelligence for analytics and optimization needs.

It is good that all technical services for broadcasting come from the same operator instead of the previous decentralized model. This clarifies maintenance responsibilities and facilitates further development projects for graphics system integrations.

– Karri Helo
Development Manager
Nelonen Media

Also for our creative team, the arrangement now allocates our resources to the right things and creators have time to produce quality marketing content. A prolific cooperation requires open and good communication. In my opinion, it has been a great success in this long project.

– Satu Ketopelto
Head of Creative Team
Nelonen Media

Want to hear more about the Graphics Hub solution, a broadcast level graphics system? Send a message to schedule a meeting.

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