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The New Era of MTV Sport Archive

MTV Sport chose Media Pocket to reach the smoothest media flow.

The ever-increasing number of digital files being processed and published creates new challenges for material management in every media company.

Agility is the hot word of the day that is in the minds of every reporter as the traffic of media files swarming in systems touches unprecedented counts. The challenge of agility is met by a manifestation of intelligent media management – Media Pocket, developed by a Finnish Media tech company, Media Tailor.

The warm negotiations with MTV culminated in spring 2020 to the completion of a concrete pilot. The pilot was launched on March 13th, 2020, and implemented in collaboration with MTV Sport’s archiving services provider company, Kuitu Media.

Media Pocket is planned to be an effective tool among journalists to work with media files on a daily basis. First with limited content – MTV’s top sport’s Formula 1: races and compilations and UEFA Champions League Spring 2019 material. Later, more and more content is meant to be transferred. The aim is to centralize all the sports materials used by the media giant into Media Pocket in-browser platform.

mtv urheilu.

Media Tailor promises MTV Sport a cost-effective solution by streamlining working practices

MTV identified deficiencies in current material management tools. Robust systems are often complex to use and the number of platforms used has increased over time to unnecessary.

In addition, access to the systems is only possible from certain machines and points within the MTV network. The material is processed both – internally and externally in cooperation with several actors. When files are centralized in one easy-to-use smart work platform, the benefits come in the form of seamless sharing and more efficient work.

The biggest advantage of Media Pocket is that we don’t have to overload the archive and edit anymore. Journalists can do smart searches themselves and browse through material. Therefore, unnecessary bottlenecks are avoided.

– Pirkka Maksimainen
Product Owner

Produced as a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) Media Pocket enables self-contained video and image file search, intelligent recognition, clip trimming, and downloading as well as sharing material in all file formats – regardless of time and place. As a result – locating, commenting and forwarding files directly from the archive is greatly accelerated, releasing the editor’s time for other essential functions.

I expect agility to handle the media and key for more versatile use of the archives. With Media Pocket, we can publish material to the public faster than ever before.

– Tommi Tynys
Broadcast Technology Manager

A step towards intelligent material management enabled by modern technology

Sanoma Media Finland has trusted its massive content archive management to Media Tailor. And there is no end seen as partners recently signed an extension agreement. The long-term partnership also convinces MTV Sport’s personnel.

– The fact that Sanoma trusts the functionality of Media Tailor’s solutions also gives us confidence that we are on the right track with the modernization of material management, summarizes Maksimainen.

Because of COVID-19 and forward the pause of real-time sports broadcasts, Media Tailor offered to extend the duration of the pilot so that MTV could calmly delve into the practical testing of Media Pocket and the realization of the true benefits. It is estimated that real-time sports broadcasts will gradually begin in June 2020.


We are super excited about this new cooperation. MTV is Finland’s largest commercial TV company. If the pilot is a success, we are able to create a significant new partnership for the future. The TV world has seen tremendous changes over the last decade and it is important that internal processes do not lag behind.

– Markus Paul
Media Tailor Oy


The outcome

Media Pocket received excellent ratings from users. Despite the positive outcome during the pilot, MTV Sport and Media Pocket’s collaboration won’t be prolonged at this point in time. The pilot however gave valuable insight to both parties, who are looking forwards the future on the topic.

Maksimainen believes that Media Pocket will suit in the future in with his own words “anywhere” for its wide usability and the possibility of automation. He thinks Media Pocket would fit to MTV’s other departments as well, such as to entertainment editorial to streamline media launch campaigns.

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