Media Pocket Has Found Its Way Into the Hearts of Production Companies

Media Pocket has gained a stronger presence among production companies, as Podzilla Studios, Pictures Helsinki, and Kuitu Media have adopted our extensive cloud platform.

The cloud-based media management platform Media Pocket has become known for its scalability to address the needs of various industries. The platform developed by our group has now also taken over amongst production companies. The MAM platform has become companies’ solution for handling massive volumes of content.

Currently, Media Pocket is being used by Pictures Helsinki, Podzilla Studios, and Kuitu Media. In addition, the solution also helps indirectly by being a platform for multiple media companies to receive and collect material from multiple material providers.

production companies.

Kuitu Media, specializing in sports content, is one of the longest-standing users of Media Pocket. The platform has primarily served them as a secure and fast archiving platform.

All files are safe and fast to access on Media Pocket. A centralized platform saves a lot of time for us. Media Pocket enables working remotely with our collaborators and customers.

We use several tools that all utilize the same metadata. The use of the API has significantly reduced the amount of manual work by not having to enter metadata separately for each system. The Media Pocket open API allows us to integrate with external data feeds.

Lauri Antonius, CEO of Kuitu Media

Production companies use Media Pocket in many different ways. Some use the platform for asset collection and distribution, while others have a Hybrid Cloud implementation. 

The Hybrid Cloud solution involves transferring content from the editing environment and server directly to Media Pocket, from where it is exploited in the cloud. It enables a location-independent way of editing materials and collaborating within a team. 

Our solutions are well suited for integration with an add-on service such as LucidLink. This combination can enable very fast and real-time editing in the cloud.

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production companies.

Loader is also a perfect match for the needs of production companies. It has made it possible to move large volumes of media assets between the production environment and the cloud quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Read more about Loader here.

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