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Loader enables an effortless transition to a Hybrid Cloud

Loader makes even massive media transfers easy, fast and, above all, risk-free

We have found that many media companies are holding back the transition to cloud services due to the often cumbersome and slow data migration process. Many file transfer services are unable to meet the transfer speed needs of heavy media archives, let alone integrate seamlessly with systems already in use.

We met this challenge by developing Media Pocket Loader!

Media Pocket Loader enables the transfer of large masses of media files between a production environment and a cloud service quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Automated multi-cloud services make file archiving and processing significantly easier.


Hybrid cloud, lucidlink.

Archiving & restoring

​​The main purpose of Loader is to support the transfer of large media projects while keeping the whole project structure and all files intact.

Loader will therefore serve as a cloud archiving tool that will also allow project restoration back into the production environment with the correct project structure by using Loader restore.

Archive processes can be configured to start automatically at a certain interval or time of the day.


The drop feature connects the Media Pocket environment and the production server, facilitating the seamless exchange of materials.

Just drag and drop the files you want to transfer. The workflow is easy and quick in both directions–into and out of Media Pocket. Loader ensures a smooth transfer process, even for a larger number of assets.

Hybrid cloud, lucidlink.


Ingest is a Loader feature that allows you to upload files from the production environment to an asset placeholder in Media Pocket.

It uses the Media Pocket External ID metadata field and filename for matching files to their correct placeholders. This feature is especially handy for environments with integrations that utilize External ID.

Two into one! Connect Media Pocket and LucidLink for a perfect Hybrid Cloud solution

LucidLink is a shared space for your remote team to work in real-time, from any creative tool. LucidLink links perfectly to, for example, Adobe Creative Cloud and

By connecting LucidLink and Media Pocket Loader, it is possible to manage assets, edit, and archive them in the cloud with one streamlined Hybrid Cloud solution.

Editing can be done quickly and directly in the cloud with LucidLink, and then the materials can be archived directly in Media Pocket. This symbiosis makes collaboration and remote working easier, more flexible, and more cost-effective than ever before!

hybrid cloud, LucidLink.

Digital asset management.

Ready for Hybrid Cloud?

Get in touch with us to experience an effortless transition to the Hybrid Cloud with Loader. Our team is ready to assist you in streamlining your cloud journey and unlocking the full potential of your infrastructure.

Reach out to us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how Loader can revolutionize your cloud strategy.