Enterprise-Class Solution for Monetizing Content and Automating Media Supply Chain

Media Tailor provides a flexible state-of-the-art solution for your content supply chain. Our End-to-End solution comprises playout, material operations and coordination. Data-driven automation and workflows make the operation of all materials more efficient, fast and reliable.

All technology is located in data centres owned and operated by Media Tailor. Ingesting, processing and publishing the materials can be fully automated. All materials and metadata are safe and secured, and always available for use through Media Tailor’s web-based user interface.

Service level agreement up to

  • Planning
  • Production
  • Validation
  • Versions
  • Publish
  • Playout
  • Distribution

Enhanced material coordination

Digitalization of markets and expansion of OTT means that especially multichannel media houses have to adapt quickly. Different file formats, several delivery and distribution platforms/systems with no integrations cause time-consuming processes and more manual tasks. Slow manual monitoring causes high risks of human error. Manual work is hard or even impossible to report and more importantly is very expensive.

1960's broadcast system

Your ultimate benefits


Our agile company offers high-tech solutions with our service platform that is designed and built as a multi-tenant environment. With light hierarchy, we can run fast with new ideas and advance customers requests for new features.


We will keep your broadcasting flow solid and smooth! Distribution of linear and OTT is operated in Media Tailor’s MCR with high-tech playout automation. Dynamic monitoring and professional personnel guarantee fast problem solving and error-free flow 24/7.

Cost efficiency

Centralizing operations saves time and money. Highly automated workflows and task management allows our customers to focus on their core mission. No need for investments on on-premise hardware.
Tero Vedenoja
"Media Tailor's playout service has decreased the need for manual work in processes and streamlined the management and publishing of new materials. They are true professionals in the industry."
Tero Vedenoja
Matti Lampinen
"Media Tailor does things in a new way and they have fulfilled our expectations as a partner for smooth media management. They know the needs of the media industry like their own pockets.”
Matti Lampinen
Matti Lampinen
“Since Media Tailor started to operate, we at Nelonen have been able to concentrate more on improving our multichannel vision and creating new business models. Media Tailor is a reliable expert organization and their knowledge about data-driven automation is state-of-the-art.”
Matti Lampinen
Tiina Karo
“Communication with distributors is being handled with care.” 
Tiina Karo
Matti Lampinen
"It was necessary to organize our playout and media logistics differently. This past year has proven that it was the right move for us. Also, I’m more than satisfied with Media Tailor’s reporting procedures.”
Matti Lampinen

Why Media Tailor?


Media Tailor is part of the TV Tools Group which has been developing and executing media technology since 1996. R&D is financed with Groups own assets.

Media field know-how

Our people have been working with media companies for more than a decade! Experience, know-how and deep understanding of the media industry help us to serve our customers better.

Nordic Company

Media Tailor is 100% owned by Finnish media professionals. Most of them are working in the Group. Our data centres are located in Finland and all data is stored inside ETA.

Experienced software developer

We have successfully implemented a lot of custom features, complex integrations and workflow designs based on our customers' needs - from design to maintenance phase.

End-to-end solutions for the whole content supply chain

Media Tailor empowers companies to succeed in the ever-growing media industry. We provide the smoothest content flow solution so that our customers can focus on what matters the most – great content and continuous growth. Our portfolio contains also the following services;

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