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Enterprise-Class Solution for Monetizing Content and Automating Media Supply Chain

Media Tailor provides a flexible state-of-the-art solution for your content supply chain. Our End-to-End solution comprises playout, material operations, and coordination.

Data-driven automation and workflows make the operation of all materials more efficient, fast and reliable.

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End-to-End media logistics solution

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for the coordination, management, and multi-channel distribution of media content? Choosing an agile media logistics partner plays a pivotal role in order to success in streamlining your whole content supply chain. And we are here to provide you with the best media flow you have ever seen!

Our tailored service platform and highly automated workflows are designed to cater to even the most challenging requirements. The outcome is enhanced efficiency, accelerated processes, and dependable outsourced media logistics.

All our technology infrastructure is situated within our own data centers, ensuring the safety and security of your media content and metadata. With Media Tailor’s web-based user interface, your content is consistently accessible and available for immediate utilization on every desired channel.

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Benefits of our media logistics solution

media logistics.Productivity

Our agile company offers high-tech solutions with our service platform, which is designed and built as a multi-tenant environment. With a light hierarchy, we can run fast with new ideas and advance customers’ requests for new features.

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We will keep your broadcasting flow solid and smooth! Distribution of linear and OTT is operated in Media Tailor’s MCR with high-tech playout automation. Dynamic monitoring and professional personnel guarantee fast problem solving and error-free flow 24/7.

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Cost Efficiency

Centralizing operations saves time and money. Highly automated workflows and task management allows our customers to focus on their core mission. There is no need to invest in on-premise hardware.



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