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Media Tailor Involved in Enabling the Completely New Pluto TV Service to Ruutu

When launching Pluto TV, Media Tailor’s task was to create an efficient and agile solution for content delivery. The answer was found in already existing processes.

Nelonen Media has once again shown why it is a pioneer in the Finnish media field by launching the new Pluto TV service for its Ruutu streaming service. The new way of consuming TV content offered by Pluto TV, owned by Paramount Global, is called FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television).

Pluto TV offers advertising-funded streaming channels that are free for consumers. It is the largest streaming channel operator on the market, and internationally it already has more than 80 million active monthly users. Now Pluto TV has finally arrived in Finland.

For its part, Media Tailor has enabled the launch of this completely new streaming solution in Finland and has developed a solution that makes content delivery successful.

The audience’s favorite shows are continuously available on Pluto TV

In accordance with the FAST principle, Pluto TV’s streaming channels work in the same way as regular television channels, only they are located on Ruutu. You can simply click on the channel of your choice, the programs run continuously, and the channels have commercial breaks.

Pluto TV’s channel selection includes versatile coverage of Paramount’s and Nelonen Media’s favorite programs. There are currently 40 channels in total. The series are subtitled and the children’s content is dubbed into Finnish.

Business growth with new innovations

Since 2016, Media Tailor has managed the media logistics and playout of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels. As a long-term partner, Media Tailor has unsurprisingly played a part in the launch of the new service.

Many previously developed solutions for Nelonen Media have been connected around automation and streamlined processes. Media Tailor has over the years developed its solutions and services according to industry trends but also according to customer needs.

Pluto TV is a perfect example of how Nelonen Media has wanted to develop its services and Media Tailor has created the necessary technical solutions for it.

The TV market is currently very challenging. Both traditional linear TV broadcasters and global streaming giants are in trouble in different markets. For the last few years, we have been working with Total TV thinking, tried to react to changes quickly, and launch new operating models with an agile attitude. I would say that because of this we have managed to keep our business profitable.

New kinds of cooperation models are still, in my opinion, the key to success in an industry that is going through major change. This Pluto TV deal is a prime example of that.

Kari Laakso, President, Nelonen Media

content delivery service.

For its part, Media Tailor handles Pluto Tv’s content delivery service

The project benefited from Media Tailor’s technical expertise and content delivery service. The construction of the interface, handling the delivery of the content, and controlling it have been the main responsibilities of the work role as Nelonen Media’s partner.

The entire implementation of Pluto TV went smoothly despite the fast schedule. From the moment Nelonen Media told about its new streaming model, it didn’t take long for the process needed for content delivery to be planned and the necessary automations developed.

Despite the fact that the Pluto TV service is brand new in Finland, Media Tailor’s platforms and procedures can be scaled quickly to match the needs of the new service. The digital platform established by Media Tailor made content delivery easy.

Whenever we have ideas or present new projects, Media Tailor provides the desired input with an expert and ambitious approach.

Matti Lampinen, Director, Technical Projects & Distribution

The development of cooperation will also continue in the future

The FAST phenomenon is new for Finnish media operators, and a solution for content delivery was sought from the beginning. Nevertheless, the solution was easily found. So thanks to the comprehensive processes and digital platforms that were already developed.

Thanks to the developed process, content can be delivered to the service easily and quickly. The solution can be flexibly scaled, and in the future more content can be delivered if necessary.

The project has once again shown how stable and confidential Media Tailor’s relationship with Nelonen Media and Sanoma is. Processes and workflows developed during long cooperation enable the adoption and management of new services smoothly.

The implementation of Pluto TV was an indication of how extensive and comprehensive the solutions we have developed have been. We quickly put together the necessary content delivery service solution, and everything has gone swimmingly thus far. Nelonen Media has once again shown its leadership in the media industry. We walk proudly alongside them.

Markus Paul, CEO, Media Tailor

We are also happy to help other media companies with questions related to material delivery.

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