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Enhance every stage of your content supply chain

Make your content supply chain smooth by centralizing your media management and distribution in Media Tailor’s highly automated, intelligent digital platforms. From planning to scheduling and distributing.

Activate the benefits brought by centralization and more effective utilization of automation in prioritizing and optimizing personnel work.

All this with a partner that understands the needs of the industry and is willing to develop its services to meet changing needs.








Your media supply chain deserves the best

The digitalization of markets and the growth of OTT necessitate rapid adaptation from multichannel media houses and broadcasters. Diverse file formats, multiple delivery platforms, and non-integrated systems lead to time-consuming processes and an increase in manual tasks. Manual tasks pose a high risk of human error, while manual monitoring is time-consuming, difficult to report, and costly.

Let us design a state-of-the art solution to enhance the coordination, management, and multi-channel distribution of your media content!

The solution offered by Media Tailor is adaptable and completely tailored to your company’s requirements, encompassing one, a few, or all of our services:

High-quality Playout

Effortlessly outsource the playout of your current and upcoming linear and OTT channels, ensuring seamless delivery for even the most intricate and dynamic channels, including live broadcasts.

The distribution is managed within our advanced MCR (Master Control Room) equipped with state-of-the-art playout automation. Our skilled personnel, coupled with dynamic monitoring capabilities, ensure rapid issue resolution and uninterrupted flow, 24/7, with a focus on error-free delivery.

All-In Media Logistics

Experience our comprehensive End-to-End Media Logistics service, encompassing material operations and coordination. All our technology is hosted in our own secure data centers. We can offer fully automated processes for ingesting, processing, and publishing materials. In addition, you can leverage our dynamic Channel Branding Solution for TV and Web Streaming Broadcasting.

With our data-driven automation and workflows, the management of diverse materials becomes highly efficient, fast, and reliable.

Effectiveness, quality and scalability

Transform and package your media for deliveries with the help of automated workflows and triggers. Make your workflow more efficient and optimize everything.

Scale Media Pocket according to your needs. If the available products and services are not enough, our development team is always ready to create new solutions.

Secure long-term archiving

Backup all your valuable files in a safe and secure cloud storage. Media Pocket offers you a safe backup for all your media files.

Eliminate the risk of losing your material permanently with physical storage units. Organize effectively so even the oldest material is easily accessible if needed.

Most of all, keep your valuable content secure and organized for the long-term.

Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

Streamline your workflow with open integrations

Media Pocket is designed to be open and easily integratable with other systems, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration.

By integrating Media Pocket with other broadcast systems, such as newsroom systems, MAMs, and playout systems, broadcasters can streamline their workflow and improve their productivity, making it easier to share and distribute media assets across different teams and departments.

With our open API and a growing list of integrations, Media Pocket helps you to centralize your media management, reduce manual work, and ultimately deliver high-quality content more efficiently.

Media Tailor

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Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

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