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Media Pocket – The ultimate PAM solution

Media Pocket is an all-in-one platform that allows your production company to take your media management to the cloud.

With Media Pocket, you’ll be able to secure your material, enhance team collaboration with an easy approval process and find your media assets faster from your storage assisted by AI.

All in one place – exactly what any production company needs.

Secure long-term archiving

In today’s digital age, media files are the lifeblood of production companies. Losing valuable content due to data corruption or hardware failure can be a major setback for any production team.

Safe backup for your media files can eliminate the risk of losing your material permanently with physical storage units. Additionally, organizing your media files effectively is essential for easy accessibility. Even the oldest material should be easily accessible if needed.

By keeping your valuable content secure and organized for the long-term, you can reduce the risk of setbacks and focus on delivering high-quality content to your audience.

Improved post-production workflow with review & approval process

To deliver high-quality content, it’s important to collaborate and have conversations with your team and perform the review & approval process directly in your storage.

With real-time commenting on project and asset-level, team members can communicate effectively and provide feedback on the project at hand. Additionally, an easy and effective review & approval process is crucial for ensuring that the final product meets the desired standards.

By collaborating effectively directly from your storage, production teams can streamline their workflow and improve their overall efficiency, ultimately leading to more successful and engaging content.

Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

Share material effortlessly

Sharing media files is an important part of any production process, but it can also be a challenge when dealing with large file sizes.

To make the sharing process easier, Media Pocket allows you to invite third parties to collaborate or send downloadable links to media files by email. This means that you can share even the biggest files effortlessly without the need for many tools. You can either share an individual asset via link or invite collaborators as guests to preview, upload, or download material – without the need for additional channels.

By simplifying the sharing process, Media Pocket makes it easy for you to collaborate with third parties, whether it be for feedback or to share content with stakeholders.

Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

Quickly transfer media from workstations and production environments

As media files continue to grow in size and quantity, it becomes increasingly important to have an efficient system for media archiving and recovery. This is where Media Pocket Loader comes in.

The Loader enables media archiving and recovery between the production environment and the cloud service. One of its key features is that it recognizes and preserves all project folder structures, which helps to ensure that files are organized and easy to access. Even large libraries can be transferred quickly, meaning that there is no need to sacrifice speed for efficiency.

Media Pocket Loader allows you to take advantage of the benefits of both on-premise and cloud storage solutions, without having to compromise on performance or security.

Media Tailor
Media Tailor

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Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

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Other industries


With Media Pocket, broadcasters can improve productivity and deliver high-quality content in the ever-evolving media landscape.

News Publishers

By implementing Media Pocket, media houses can optimize their content operations and maintain a competitive edge.


Media Pocket helps brands to strengthen their brand identity and deliver compelling marketing materials.

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We have helped many production companies in utilizing Media Pocket platform in the content supply chain to collect and store media assets and valuable metadata.

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