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Discover the power of Media Pocket for your brand

Are you tired of wasting time searching for the right assets in different places? Are you struggling to maintain brand consistency across all channels?

It’s time to streamline your asset management process with Media Pocket!

Our powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) system offers everything you need to centralize and organize all your valuable content. With Media Pocket, you can easily find, share, and collaborate on your assets with your team, partners, and customers. Plus, our seamless integrations with other tools you already use will make your workflow even more efficient.

Don’t let your assets go to waste – start managing them with Media Pocket!

News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor

How Media Pocket helps your brand?

Consistent Branding

Media Pocket provides a centralized hub for all digital assets. This simplifies the process of managing and accessing assets, ensuring that they are readily available and up-to-date for use across various channels and platforms. With Media Pocket, businesses can confidently present a unified brand image to their audiences.

Improved Collaboration

Media Pocket simplifies collaboration among team members and third-party stakeholders by providing a single source of truth for all assets. It allows for easy sharing of files, annotations, and version control, reducing errors and miscommunication.

Efficient Workflow

Media Pocket streamlines the workflow by automating tasks such as file conversion, metadata tagging, and asset distribution. This frees up time for creatives to focus on more important tasks.

Cost Savings

Media Pocket eliminates the need for duplicate assets and reduces the risk of losing files. It also helps avoid the costs associated with licensing violations and ensures that only authorized team members have access to the files.

Share and distribute marketing content through Media Portal

Media Portal is a comprehensive solution for managing and sharing media content in chosen website outside of Media Pocket.

Media Portal can be utilized by brands for the distribution of marketing materials. The platform is consistently tailored to reflect your company’s brand. Moreover, it simplifies the process for stakeholders to align with your brand guidelines by consistently providing appropriate branding options, including fonts, colors, and logos.


Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.
Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

Your brand’s no. 1 media management solution

Media Pocket helps you to better manage your digital assets, streamline your workflows, and maintain consistency across all channels, which ultimately leads to a stronger brand identity and increased revenue.

Media Pocket is intended for every expert and team whose work includes digital materials. That’s why it works perfectly, no matter your company’s industry or the materials to be processed.

Media Tailor

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Media Tailor
News publishers and media houses.

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Other industries

Production companies

Media Pocket empowers production companies to effectively manage their digital assets throughout the entire production lifecycle.


With Media Pocket, broadcasters can improve productivity and deliver high-quality content in the ever-evolving media landscape.

News Publishers

By implementing Media Pocket, media houses can optimize their content operations and maintain a competitive edge.

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