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Seamless content distribution for continuous growth

With our solutions, content distributors can deliver material effortlessly to their final destinations. We offer more than just a secure and efficient workflow; we provide the opportunity to save time by reducing the need for manual work through the automation of the content delivery process.

Distributing content, smarter than ever before

Content distributors serve as intermediaries between content creators and audiences. They play a pivotal role in bringing diverse television and streaming content to viewers across various platforms and ensuring the sustainability of the media ecosystem.

Without the proper distribution, the audiences most important to video content may never get the chance to see it. That’s why we want to help by making content distribution as easy as possible.

We offer a comprehensive solution for content distributor companies to deliver content to various platforms seamlessly while ensuring it reaches its target audience efficiently. The key element is our cloud-based MAM platform Media Pocket.

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content distributors.

Automated material traffic

The workflow is simple. Whenever a customer orders new content, with a maximum of one click, all the needed materials and assets are delivered to the customer. Simply and fast.

Integrating CRMs with Media Pocket enables content distributors to automate content delivery to customers. This not only eliminates the need for coordinating materials but also saves a significant amount of time and manual work. It results in substantial personnel workload reductions.

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Content packaging

Secondly, Media Pocket delivers not only the program master itself but also includes pictures, subtitles, and all essential information in one handy package. Additionally, metadata (XML or JSON) always comes in the same package. The solution is capable of delivering entire libraries of content, from full seasons to other large packages.

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Creating new workflows and channels

But there’s more! Establishing new workflows and channels is a breeze with Media Pocket, thanks to its readily available integrations with Aspera, S3, and Blob Storage, among others. Moreover, the platform’s high scalability ensures effortless customization to suit the unique requirements of each content distributor.

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Media operations

Lastly, despite the efficiency of automated workflows, content is never left completely unattended. This is why we’ve implemented 24/7 support from media professionals to ensure that each asset reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Most of all, with this solution, you can keep your valuable content secure and organized for the long-term.

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