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Release notes

From this page, you can find the update history of our constantly developing media management platform.

Take a look what our dedicated developers have accomplished.

Product updates from newest to oldest

14/05/2024 – Release #100

  • Backend: Maintenance and minor improvements
  • Bug fixed: Not possible to type into date filters fixed
  • Improvement: Added some missing examples into the API documentation

02/05/2024 – Release #99

  • Re-rendered Photoshop (.psd, .psb) assets that were previously missing previews and thumbnails
  • New feature: publishing channel. You are now able to create streams with Please note that this requires a account. Contact if you are interested in learning more or need assistance configuring the feature
  • Search improvement: Search filled or empty values from date/datetime custom fields 
  • Improvement: Crop 9:13. You are now able to create a crop version with the aspect ratio of 9:13
  • Improvement: Keyframe algorithm. Keyframe images for videos are now taken from duration/3
  • Backend: Updates, maintenance and security updates
  • Minor bug fixes

16/04/2024 – Release #98

  • Improvement of the system status messager to better inform maintenance breaks and other updates
  • Added a tooltip for the Custom field’s field type
  • Added indication if a project has assets in the trash bin
  • Removed assets that are in a trash bin from the search auto-suggestion list
  • UI improvement: Resized the Bulk edit bar to avoid blocking assets
  • Bug fixed: Issues with cropping fixed
  • General maintenance and bug fixes

03/04/2024 – Release #97

  • Search feature improvements: 
    • Search null -values. You may now search null values on text and dropdown search filters
    • Filtering for assets and projects that have a specific custom field group added
    • Filtering for projects that have assets and filtering projects that have assets somewhere in its hierarchy
    • Search operator * added to the integer data fields. You may now search for numbers starting with e.g. 12*
  • Bug fixed: Select project thumbnail is working again
  • Bug fixed: Bulk action toolbar is no longer blocking assets
  • Backend: Version updates, minor improvements, and bug fixes
  • YLE Plasma Integration: Message queue is from now on handled on Media Pocket’s end
  • YLE Plasma Integration: Trailers are discarded

19/03/2024 – Release #96

  • UI improvement: Bigger text box for User Group Description on the User Management page.
  • Backend: Increased image processing resources and improved the processing workflow, enabling the processing of very large image files (for example .psb, .psd).
  • Bug fixed: Project thumbnail image not always showing in Edit Details. 
  • Bug fixed: m4a files are now correctly handled as audio files.
  • Backend: Minor improvements and bug fixes.

05/03/2024 – Release #95

  • New feature: SSO Policy. Single Sign-On (SSO) policies can now be enforced for domains, disabling password logins for the entire domain. Read more on User management and allowed domains
  • New feature: Timecode custom field type. You are now able to create custom fields that use timecode as data type. Read more on Custom Fields
  • New feature: Multi-selection for dropdown filters. Dropdowns have been changed to operate on ‘OR’ logic, which means that multiple values can be used at the same time
  • New feature: B3 (blake3) sum is now calculated for every processed media, in order to manage files during Media Pocket workflows more efficiently. The b3_sum for files can be GET via API (api/v2/assets/:asset_id/media).   
  • Improvement: Copy custom fields when exporting crops as assets. If crop versions are exported as new assets, they will automatically inherit the custom fields of the parent asset
  • New feature: Protected assets can now be filtered via ‘Protected’ search filter
  • Backend: “Ääkköset” have been Unicode normalized in the database, enabling more efficient searches 
  • Backend: Version updates for the workflow engine and image metadata tools
  • Minor UI and backend bug fixes 

20/02/2024 – Release #94

  • UI improvement: Tag color has been changed to “warm taupe”.
  • UI improvement: The font color of titles has been changed to white.
  • UI improvement: List view. Adjustments, such as font size changes, resizing the thumbnail, and rearranging components, were made to add more information to the list view.
  • Improvement: Publishing Channels. You can now add user groups as publishing channel members. Also, multiple improvements have been made to the publishing channel UI.
  • Backend: Security improvements, refactoring and updates.
  • Minor bug fixes

06/02/2024 – Release #93

  • Improvement:  The asset actions bar, which was previously accessed by hovering, is now permanently visible in the UI
  • Improvement: Error messages are now shown in the UI in a more user friendly way and contain more info
  • Improvement: Moving assets to the trash bin now displays a disclaimer that states the asset will be removed from all locations
  • Bug fixed: Move to project assign error 
  • Backend: Workflow improvements, housekeeping and security updates

23/01/2024 – Release #92

  • New feature: AWS S3 publishing channel. Read more on Publishing Channels
  • New feature: Reload button for quick menu. The quick menu can now be reloaded without the need to reload the whole browser
  • New feature: SSO login indicator in user management. Admins can now view SSO status and unlink SSO login for user accounts. Read more on User management and allowed domains
  • Improvement: Visiting non-existing Media Pocket domains will redirect to Media Pocket product website  
  • Bug fixed: Drops sorting not working. You can now sort Drops the same way as Projects
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Backend: Multiple improvements and bug fixes
  • Security updates

09/01/2024 – Release #91

  • New feature: Shared links view. You’ll now be able to view and delete active shared links on your profile page. Read more on Share by Email & Create Download Links
  • New feature: Select project thumbnail from all assets. This allows users to select any asset they can access when adding a thumbnail image to a project. Read more on Projects
  • Improvement: Create collection from selected assets. You are now able to create collections on-the-go. Read more on Collections
  • Improvement: More sorting options. Assets can now be sorted by title a-z/z-a and by file size largest first/smallest first
  • UI improvement: New download components to indicate upload and download (zip) progress
  • UI: Other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Backend: Multiple updates, improvements and bug fixes

13/12/2023 – Release #90

  • New feature: Asset Protection. Admins have now the possibility to protect assets, which will block the ability to delete/move the asset or related metadata. This permission can be enabled for custom user roles as well. Read more on Asset Protection
  • New feature: Webhooks. Webhooks can be configured by admins via Webhook settings found in the “More” section in the quick menu. Read more on Webhooks
  • New feature: Show asset and subproject count for projects. In grid view, projects will now display their asset and subproject count
  • Improvement: Resend a verification mail to a user. Admins can now resend verification mails to new users whose verification mail has expired
  • Improvement: Avatar cropping. Users can now crop their avatars during upload
  • Improvement: Multiple improvements on handling large project trees, which speeds up actions like moving to trash bin, changing a project’s publicity status etc.
  • Bug fixed: Export newly created crop as asset fails if done quickly. The export possibility will now display only if the crop is ready to be exported
  • Bug fixed: In user management, the ‘last seen’ column should now properly sort by date
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Backend: Improvements, bug fixes, and updates

29/11/2023 – Release #89

  • UI/UX improvement: When copying assets, original media is now selected by default
  • Security updates
  • Backend improvements and bug fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

15/11/2023 – Release #88

  • New feature: New image processing library. A new faster and more robust image processing workflow 
  • Improvement: User Management table view. Table view resizing and user account deletion status. Column widths are now adjustable in the User Management view. User Management view also shows loading indicator when deleting user
  • Improvement: API document updated 
  • Improvement: Attachments. Adding attachments to an attachment asset is now disabled
  • Improvement: UI. Collection view matched to look like Projects and Drops
  • Improvement: Custom fields. Custom field group and field titles can now be a maximum of 50 characters long
  • Improvement: Custom fields. Added helper text when trying to add empty custom field groups
  • Improvement: Avatar size limit. User Avatars uploaded are now automatically resized to 200x200px 
  • Bugs fixed: Shift/multi-select issues / Bulk actions deselecting all items / Project view not updating when uploading a folder
  • Backend: Improvements, updates and security updates
  • Other minor bug fixes

31/10/2023 – Release #87

  • New feature: Integer data type. It is now possible to create integer custom fields, suitable for integer values. With this feature you can create metadata fields for whole numbers and sort the values naturally
  • Improvement: Members. Admins can now be added as members to projects/collections/drops
  • Improvement: UI. Showing info text if no columns are selected to table view
  • Improvement: Visibility. public/private changes for projects are now handled more efficiently
  • API: External ID added to /search endpoint
  • Bug fixed: Back to project view disappears occasionally
  • Bug fixed: Assets removed from collection still visible in UI
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

18/10/2023 – Release #86

  • Improvement: Home page rework. Now favorites (if the user has any) are displayed on the top of the home page. Projects, Collections and Drops display all the latest items the user has access to and not just the user’s own
  • Improvement: Crop tool update. The UI will update  automatically when a crop version is ready, no need to refresh the page separately
  • Improvement: Sorting. Updating custom fields of assets and projects will now affect their Last Modified status
  • Bigger focus on improving the user experience and enhancing the stability of the service: multiple smaller improvements and bugs fixed

04/10/2023 – Release #85 

  • New feature: PDF export. Create PDFs of images and their metadata. Read more on PDF export
  • Bug fixed: Search suggestions not closing automatically when searching with enter
  • Improvement: Better names for crops. Crops will have a more distinctive name when downloaded (title_cropversion.extension)
  • New feature: Attachments in search results. By enabling this in search settings, attachments that match the search will also be displayed
  • Improvement: Media card icon to attachments. Attachments can be identified by the media card icon in grid view
  • New feature: Processing assets. A separate section in the tool bar showing only assets that have a “processing” status 
  • Backend: Improvements and security updates
  • Other minor bug fixes  

21/09/2023 – Release #84

  • Improvement: Media Card Rework. The content type icons have been moved to the top-left corner of the media cards, and their size has been reduced. If an asset has attributes (belongs to a collection and/or is a drop), attribute icons are displayed under the content type icon
  • Improvement: Search Logic. Hyphens are now interpreted as a word-joining symbol, and underscores as a word-separating symbol
  • Improvement: API Alert Dialog. If an error occurs in Media Pocket, an error alert is displayed, making troubleshooting easier as users can just take a screenshot of the error message and send to Media Pocket support
  • Improvement: History tab. The History Tab now loads events only when scrolling for more, which improves performance
  • New Feature: See Public Projects Permission. For custom user roles, it’s now possible to hide public projects, which can be used to restrict the visibility of projects/assets
  • Improvement: Added Timestamps to Attachments List
  • Bug fixed: Custom field sorting order to follow sorting settings 
  • Backend: Maintenance
  • Minor Bug Fixes

06/09/2023 – Release #83

  • New feature: Copying metadata. Via bulk edit, you are now able to copy metadata from one asset and paste it into a maximum of 100 assets at a time. Read more on Copy Metadata
  • Improvement: Download settings. you can select whether to download the files individually or in a zip file.
  • Improvement: Move to projects. You are now able to go through projects hierarchically or search projects globally when moving assets
  • Improvement: Manual typing is possible for date and datetime-type custom fields.
  • New feature: Attributes. Found in asset details, attributes show if an asset belongs to a Collection, Drop or if it is an attachment. This feature will be built upon in future releases
  • Backend: Updates, performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

23/08/2023 – Release #82

  • Improvement: ZIP download. Added a preparing download status, a decimal to the download percentage and improved memory management 
  • Improvement: Assets in Loader Drops can be added to collection
  • Bug fixed: Emptying dropdown values in custom fields possible again
  • API: Individual comments can be get over API
  • Backend: Improvements and maintenance

09/08/2023 – Release #81

  • UI: Browse assets with arrow keys. When viewing assets, you are now able to go to the next or previous asset with the arrow keys on your keyboard
  • UI: Article save and close buttons have been made more noticeable for the user
  • UI: New Media Pocket logo 
  • Improvement: Download limit increase. You can now download 100 assets at the same time
  • Improvement: Global search with special characters and symbols. Global search now proposes results with special characters without typing them (Ä, Ö, Å etc.) 
  • User rights: Guest users are not allowed to use the crop tool in the future. Other users retain the right to use the tool as before.
  • New feature: Zoom-in tool. You can now zoom in on images. Click on the image and then scroll and pan around the image by dragging.
  • Bug fixes and maintenance

26/07/2023 – Release #80

  • New feature: When downloading multiple files simultaneously, Media Pocket compresses them into a single, lightweight ZIP file
  • Improvement: Email share/download link expiration limits are bumped up. You can set the download limit to 1000 and an expiration date up to 12 months into the future.
  • Bug fixed: “Add to collection” not working from asset view
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

12/07/2023 – Release #79

  • Improvement: Possibility to set Drops and Collections Public. Now in addition to adding members to a Drop / Collection, they can be made public to all users besides guests. 
  • Improvement: Page results are automatically updated after the user’s upload, so that they can see all their uploads without refreshing the page. Other users’ uploads won’t trigger a page refresh. 
  • Improvement: Global search proposals are always sorted by Best Match, even if the user changes the sorting in the search view.  
  • Improvement: Enabling the option to monitor, restore, or create Drops (in the user permission settings) activates the viewing of the Loader list.
  • Bug fixes and maintenance

28/06/2023 – Release #78

  • Improvement: Better error handling for broken and incomplete video files. If a preview cannot be generated, assets will have “Preview not available”.
  • Improvement: Loader features and monitoring added to User roles. Now it’s possible to enable other than admin users to view, monitor and restore with Loader.
  • Bug fixed: User permission to create Drops fixed. Note, the user must have the right to view the list of Loaders in order to create Drops. 
  • Bug fixes and maintenance

14/06/2023 – Release #77

  • Improvement: Sort custom fields. Custom fields can now be sorted by ascending/descending values in the list view. Tip: You may change to grid view and keep the sorting option selected.
  • Improvement: Search modals unified. All search bars in Media Pocket will now use the same settings that the user has set in search settings along with the search operators
  • Improvement: Articles. Added tooltips to the toolbar that will show when hovering over icons
  • Backend: Event model rework
  • Bug fixed: When viewing an asset in trash bin, the “back to trash bin” button now redirects correctly
  • Other minor bug fixes 

31/05/2023 – Release #76

  • New feature: Warning message for incomplete uploads. If uploads are incomplete, a warning message will appear when trying to refresh page
  • Minor UI enhancements
  • Bug fixes and maintenance

17/05/2023 – Release #75

  • Improvement: Possibility to add External ID to global search
  • Improvement: Email download links. You are now able to create links without sending a mail and have the link expiry set up to 365 days. Please note that if you share links via Slack or other software, the external/third party systems might use some of the set download limits for virus scans/preview generators
  • Bug fixed: SSO login session expiration warning. The error message should not appear anymore
  • API: Please note, that we are moving the project /assets -endpoint to /search
  • Improvement: Favorites icons in bulk edit. The icon functionalities have been swapped, so that the filled icon will add to favorites and the unfilled icon will remove from favorites
  • Backend: Overall improved custom fields speed
  • Bugs fixed: Drag and drop to breadcrumb trail error, remove all tags via bulk edit not possible, drop folder mobile view scaling issues, large PSB files crashing and project title overflow

03/05/2023 – Release #74

  • New feature: Articles. Create articles in Media Pocket. Read more on Articles.
  • Improvement: Search settings. Search settings are now saved in the backend and won’t be reseted when logging out. Please note that you have to log out, refresh the browser and reselect your settings after logging in.
  • Minor bug fixes and backend improvements.

19/04/2023 – Release #73

  • Improvement: User management. List all projects a specific user belongs to via edit user menu.
  • Improvement: Share by email. You’re now able to choose multiple recipients and add a custom message.
  • Improvement: Clicking on a URL link will redirect to the link location even if user is logged out or session is expired.
  • Improvement: Bulk edit info. When trying to perform actions that are not permitted, information will be displayed when hovering the icon of the desired action, or in a separate warning dialogue .
  • Backend: Updates and optimization.
  • Minor bug fixes.

05/04/2023 – Release #72 

  • Improvement: List view rework. When any modification is made to the default preset, a new preset can be saved. Individual fields or complete groups can be selected to the preset. The column order can be modified by dragging the table columns and saving them with the Save columns icon. Presets can be selected, edited or deleted from the table preset settings. Other improvements include locked media type thumbnail size and thumbnail switching to media type icon if the column is too narrow.
  • Improvement: Search results and pagination. Max results per page is dropped to 500 and a maximum of 10000 results is added to pagination for better performance.
  • Improvement: Sort assets by date. Assets can now be sorted by creation or modification date 
  • Improvement: Saved searches are now using url params. Please note that old saved searches might not work properly and should be resaved.
  • Improvement: Automatic line breaks in text based fields. Words are no longer cut.
  • Improvement: Members tool. User groups, Users and Guests are now categorized and the visibility message has been improved.
  • API: Possibility to get data with a specific timeframe via search API. Read more on here.
  • Bug fixed: Adding guests with a custom user role that has edit members permission is possible again.
  • Minor bug fixes and backend updates.

22/03/23 – Release #71

  • UI/UX bug fix: Move to Project. Users are now able to navigate inside projects and move assets anywhere in the project hierarchy by using move to project
  • UI: Projects Tree rework. Users are able to navigate inside projects via the arrow and jump back in the hierarchy in the breadcrumb trail or open the project by pressing the project name. Projects can also be filtered by name with the search bar
  • UI v3.0: New landing page + thumbnail enhancements
  • UX: Bulk download limit bumped to 25 assets 
  • Improvement: Search filters rework. Filters are now added to URL params, and have a clear all button. Some filters are also redesigned: AI tags, creator (exif), copyright (exif), file size (exif), duration (exif) and date filters
  • Improvement: Copy asset. When copying an asset, the copy will be created in the same project as the original asset 
  • Improvements: Asset view. When viewing assets, users are always able to get back to search results or the project from which they are viewing assets. Arrows for next and previous assets have been moved to the top right corner  
  • New feature: Text content search. New filter to search for words used in PDF and word documents
  • Backend: Workflow optimization for faster processing

08/03/23 – Release #70

  • New feature: UI v3.0. A significant rework of the UI, including the following changes: New colors for the different asset types, new rounded design of the media cards, homepage layout rework, topbar buttons replaced with Create button, Notifications button added to topbar, More button which includes Trash bin and Unassigned media along with all admin features added to quick menu    
  • New feature: Folder upload. Folders can now be dragged and dropped into a project folder. Subfolders are automatically created based on the folder structure of the uploaded folder
  • Improvement: Bulk share assets to a desired publishing channel
  • Improvement: Quick menu. Projects, Collections and Drops unified to have the same actions
  • Improvement: Quick menu. Items are now sorted alphabetically in Collections and Drops

 22/02/23 – Release #69

  • Improvement: Save list view column width. In list view, you are able to save adjusted column widths to your table presets
  • Improvement: Share version. Choose which version of the asset you want to share to the desired publishing channel
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

8/02/23 – Release #68

  • New feature: Rearrange custom field groups and custom fields. In the custom field groups settings, you are now able to rearrange the order of groups and fields by dragging
  • Improvement: In the settings menu, the “Users” section name  is changed to “User management”
  • API: Create subprojects to project. You are now able to create subprojects straight into project via API. See API documentation here.
  • Improvements: Trash bin. Trash bin is now located in the quick menu. You are able to search trash bin via global search when the trash bin filter is active. You are also able to delete up to 500 assets at once from trash bin 
  • Improvement: Favorites. Bulk editing is now possible on the Favorites page
  • Improvement: Parent projects. In the list view, you are now able to see the parent projects of projects/assets instead of only the highest level previously displayed as “Project Name”
  • Improvement: Subprojects duplicate name warning. When creating subprojects, a warning message will appear if a project with the same name is found
  • Improvement: Subprojects. When creating a subproject the default setting for visibility is now inherited from the parent project
  • Improvements: Drop. Drops are now sorted alphabetically in Quick Menu. Original filenames are now visible in Drop list views
  • Improvements: Loaded UI. Filters applied are now stored in the browsers local storage. Process deletion can now be confirmed with enter and canceled with esc. Assets deleted from Media Pocket are marked as [ASSET DELETED] in the process log
  • Bug fixed: Boolean values are now visible in the list view
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Backend: Updates & maintenance

25/01/23 – Release #67

  • New feature: Content type, Document. PDFs and .doc -files are now categorized as Documents, which makes filtering and asset management more efficient
  • UX/UI: custom fields are now easier to read, as the field data is displayed in a different color than the field name
  • CR3 files are now supported in Media Pocket
  • Improvement: Clear processes from Loader logs. You are now able to clear failed/timedout/complete jobs on the Loader -page
  • Backend: updates and optimization
  • Minor bug fixes, including email share

11/01/23 – Release #66

  • New feature: Add custom fields to global search. In search settings, you are now able to pick custom fields that will be searchable via global search
  • New feature: New API endpoints for adding assets to projects and drops. Assets can now be created and uploaded to Project or Drop with one request. Read more in the API documentation
  • New feature: Add external id to project or asset via API in the create asset/project request. Read more in the API documentation  
  • Improvement: Possibility to invite and delete guests from public projects
  • Improvement: Choose media version in bulk download. When downloading multiple assets at once, you are now able to choose which version to download. Bear in mind that all selected assets need to have the desired version available
  • Improvement: Add original title to Collections and Drops 
  • Backend: Updates
  • Minor bug fixes

14/12/22 – Release #65

  • Improvement: Bulk edit. Editing up to 500 assets at a time is now possible with bulk edit
  • Improvement: Projects tree. Speedup and logic improvements
  • Improvement: Download. Original media, preview/proxy and environment specific versions are now shown by default. Other versions can be displayed by clicking Show all versions
  • Backend: Housekeep and improvements

5/12/22 – Release #64

  • Improvement: PDF viewer. You are now able to input side number for faster navigation in PDF files
  • UX/UI: Discard changes in custom fields. When editing custom fields, you’re now able to discard changes in individual fields or in all fields
  • Minor bug fixes

30/11/22 – Release #63

  • New cloud archiving tool Loader. Loader is an additional service to Media Pocket users who needs to transfer large media projects or files between on-premise storage and Media Pocket. Read more in the Loader section.
  • More logging was added to Collection and Drop folder history tab.
  • Share by email supports now audio and other media types
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

17/11/22 – Release #62

  • New feature: Share by email. An easy way to share files from Media Pocket via email. Read more: Share by email.
  • Admin feature update: Add a user to wanted user groups simply via the user edit tool.
  • Feature update: Scrollbar for notifications section
  • Feature update: Search auto-suggest. You can now toggle suggestions with up and down arrow keys
  • New storage options: For new environments, the media can be stored either in a public cloud, or in a hybrid cloud at TV Tools Data Center.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

31/10/22 – Release #61

  • New feature: Search auto suggest. In global search, results are suggested based on your search input
  • Backend: Database migration
  • Minor bug fixes

19/10/22 – Release #60

  • UX/UI: Grid view asset improvement. Now you’ll quickly see the file type, file size and resolution while browsing image assets in grid view
  • Minor bug fixes

05/10/22 – Release #59

  • New feature: User details & avatar. You can add more details and an avatar to your user profile, read more on My Profile
  • UX/UI: Users and user groups under the same tab. Read more on User Groups
  • Improvement: Tree view location highlight. When you open the Projects tree view, it will always display your current location
  • Improvement: Tree view a-z sorting. Projects are now displayed in an alphabetical order in the tree view, with the nested projects listed first and one-level projects after that. Please notice that letters with diacritics, for example, å, ä & ö, will be listed after their corresponding character
  • Bug fixed: Can’t clear custom field data fields. The issue with clearing custom field data fields is now fixed

20/09/22 – Release #58

  • New feature: Tree view for projects. You are now able to view your projects in a tree view from the side menu
  • New feature: Badge notification for comments. If an asset has comments, Media Pocket will display a badge notification in the comments section. It will also show how many comments there are
  • API update: Search from a custom field. You are now able to search from a custom field via API. Read more in the search section of your API doc
  • UX/UI: Asset tools are now disabled when bulk editing
  • Minor bug fixes

07/09/22 – Release #57

  • New feature: User groups. Admins can create user groups and add users to them. Read more on User groups
  • New feature: Azure Blob publishing channel. You’re now able to share assets to your Azure Blob destination
  • UX/UI: Added asset view and features to upload -page. On the upload page, you are now able to bulk edit assets
  • UX/UI: Visual cue for edited custom field groups. If you swap between custom field groups while editing, you’ll now easily see which groups have been edited
  • UX/UI: When searching, you’re now able to input text into date filter
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

24/08/22 – Release #56

  • New feature: Search settings -tool. Read more on Search Settings
  • Search improvement: search operators added to custom field search. Read more about how to use search operators on Word Search and Filters
  • Search improvement: search in project. When clicking on “Search this project” you will be able to use global search inside the project
  • Search improvement: removed active search. Search will now start when pressing enter or clicking on the search -icon in search fields
  • Search improvement: added auto suggest when typing search
  • UX/UI: Universal speed improvements
  • UX/UI: Removed asset type icon from list view thumbnails
  • API: added possibility to change project visibility via Media Pocket API
  • Minor bug fixes

10/08/22 – Release #55

  • Feature improvement: List View. With the new List View you are able to load more results per page and save your own layouts. Read more on List View
  • Feature improvement: Projects. When creating a project, you are now able to choose if the project will be public or private
  • Feature improvement: Allowed domains. When whitelisting domains in an environment, you are able to choose default user role for all new users that sign in with the domain
  • Feature improvement: Bulk editing custom fields. When bulk editing custom fields, you can now update fields in multiple groups without closing the tool. The edits will stay in place when swapping between different groups
  • Security and performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

08/06/22 – Release #54

  • New feature: Collections. You can create a collection to which you are able to add assets from different projects without having to create new assets
  • UX/UI: Subprojects moved under parent project for better searchability
  • UI: Paste text with formatting. You are now able to paste text with or without formatting to a rich text custom field

02/06/22 – Release #53

  • Backend: DB upgrades and maintenance
  • UI: copy button for API key added, minor bug fixes
  • UX: misclick prevention for bulk edit
  • Bug fixed: errors in PDF preview creation

19/05/22 – Release #52

  • New feature: User Roles -tool. Admins are now able to create user roles based on chosen permissions, assign users to created roles. System default roles are admin, default and guest. Read more on knowledge base article: Roles
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

03/05/22 – Release #51

  • Backend: updates and workflow optimization
    UI: Reload rules. In search view, you are now able to reload changes from a button that will appear if assets are added or removed
  • UI: Search -field and alphabetical sorting + role added to “Add a Member” -section

20/04/22 – Release #50

  • New feature: View image assets in full resolution by clicking on the image while viewing the asset. It will open a new tab that can be exited from the “X” -icon in the top right corner
  • Backend maintenance

05/04/22 – Release #49

  • New feature: Add thumbnail to project. You can choose an image asset from your project to display as project thumbnail
  • UI update: You are now able to drag and drop in search view
  • Minor bug fixes and functionality improvements

22/03/22 – Release #48

  • New feature: Sidebar lets you access your favorited assets and saved searches all the time
  • New feature: You are now able to move multiple assets inside a project with a drag and drop functionality
  • New feature: Microsoft Azure AD SSO. You may now use Azure AD SSO to sign in to Media Pocket with a company/organisation account
  • Bug fixed: Changing column order in list view after a saved search will update to exported csv

08/03/22 – Release #47

  • New feature: Remove Media removes all media from asset (media file, media info, exif data, clips, crops) and transforms the asset into a placeholder
  • UI feature: Attachments indicator shows if the assets has attachments and how many
  • UI update: Floating horizontal scrollbar in list view
  • UI update: New functionality for Delete and Move -buttons in asset details

22/02/22 – Release #46

  • Backend: updates and housekeeping
  • Bug fixes: list view speedup and minor UI improvements

08/02/22 – Release #45

  • New feature: Assets can now be easily moved from project to project with the “Move” -button
  • UI update: New design for asset cards
  • Minor bug fixes

26/01/22 – Release #44

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI improvements

12/01/22 – Release #43

  • New feature: Admins are now able add Custom Field Group(s) by default, read more on knowledge base article: Custom Fields
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

29/12/21 – Release #42

  • Feature update: Search operators added to global word search, e.g., AND, OR and prefix query. Read more on Word Search and Filters
  • Bug fixed: Asset upload and share by link functionalities improved
  • Security update: Log4j vulnerability fixed

16/12/21 – Release #41

  • API documentation: Asset’s review added to API and status added to search API. See API documentation
  • Feature update: Image crops are now downloadable, shareable and they can be exported as assets
  • Feature update: Custom field groups can be locked, which prevents admin users via UI or API to make changes to custom field groups used in a certain integration

01/12/21 – Release #40

  • Bug fixed: Copy Image Asset functionality fixed
  • Backend: Workflow engine > Media Pocket API interaction improved

17/11/21 – Release #39

  • Bug fixed: Deleting publishing channel functionality fixed
  • Bug fixed: Improved UI response if the user tries to create a publishing channel without a type
  • Feature update: Publishing channel editor moved to admin settings

03/11/21 – Release #38

  • Feature update: Custom field group can be set to open by default when opening an asset/project that has the field group associated.
  • Feature update: Publishing channels user rights and restrictions modified; only admin can create, edit and delete publishing channels. Workspace guests cannot use publishing channels.
  • Feature update: External ID updated to accept characters dash, underscore, and dot.
  • Bug fixed: IPTC Core fields creator and keywords are again visible in Mediainfo (if used in the asset)

21/10/21 – Release #37

  • New feature: Image Cropping tool. Users may now create crops from images and use them via API. Version 1.0. includes four ready set aspect rations 16:9, 1:1, 5:4, and 4:3.
  • Feature update: Search tools added to open API. The search options include title, tags, category, media type, and the owner. Search options can be used individually or combine two or more criteria. Read about Open API
  • Feature update: The comment section’s UI was reshaped to avoid confusion with the filtering tool.
  • Feature update: Added prioritization to global word search to emphasize words used in title and description.
  • Bug fixed: Timestamped comments on video assets fixed.
  • Bug fixed: EXIF/IPTC Filters are again visible on search filters.

05/10/21 – Release #36

  • New feature: Complex Custom Field type. With the Complex field, users may link individual fields together to form one data record. A complex field can be used e.g to give a certain media asset several date-time values, such as air-dates.
  • New feature: Admins can now add and delete users’ from projects on the User panel.
  • Feature update: Select all (per page) and edit custom fields features added to the bulk action panel
  • Feature update: Global word search setting tweaked to better up the search results
  • Feature update: Approvals section on front page renamed to In Review

21/09/21 – Release #35

  • Feature update: Added to Custom Field type “Rich text” more versatile tools for text editing. The text editor includes now bold, italic, underline, list (numbered and bulleted), and choosing text style (normal or headline).
  • Feature update: Two new custom field types added; boolean and DateTime
  • Feature update: Copying of asset/project includes now a possibility to copy the associated custom fields.
    API: API calls for Custom fields and Attachments added to API documentation.
  • Cyber Security: Added automatic locking on the login page after several failed login attempts.

08/09/21 – Release #34

  • New feature: Google SSO. You may now sign in to Media Pocket with your Google account. The Google SSO works with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. To use Google SSO you must be signed in to your Google account on the browser you are using.
  • New feature: External ID metadata filed added to Details section and to open API. External ID supports findability and change management when building integrations with third-party software. Read about Open API
  • Feature update: The CSV download feature in the list view is re-enabled with better UX.
  • Feature update: Add Tags feature’s UI improved.
  • Cyber Security: OWASP tests run with excellent results
  • Cyber Security: Minor security issues fixed.

11/08/21 – Release #33

  • New feature: Assets’ embedded EXIF and IPTC metadata is now visible under the Mediainfo tab. If the asset has embedded a title and/or description metadata, the Details section will be automatically filled with accurate data during the Upload. Read more about utilizing metadata in MAM
  • New feature: Selected EXIF and IPTC fields are searchable and can be found under the Filters section. Metadata fields Copyright, Keywords, and Creator can be searched with the global word search.
  • New feature: Drag and drop functionality added to projects. To move an asset to a subproject simply drag & drop the asset on top of the subproject. To move the asset to a higher project, drag & drop it on top of the project name on the trail of breadcrumbs.
  • Feature update: Sort & Select tool in the list view is upgraded with a user-friendlier button and the possibility to sort the infinite number of assets by title, description, category, media type, status, owner, or filename.
  • Bug fixed: Assets’ history is no more duplicated when browsing assets with prev and next buttons.

    21/07/21 – Release #32

  • New feature: Multiselect assets in the grid view. Added to ease the use of bulk actions such as bulk download.
  • Feature update: The preview thumbnails are now scaled to keep their original aspect ratio.
  • Further improved the Copy asset and Copy project features to include options to only copy the metadata or include the original media, attachments, assets, or members.
  • Further improved the Trash bin feature and added the possibility to permanently delete the files instantly. Also now each user has access to their own trash bin and may delete or restore assets.
  • Bug fixed: Scaling problem on the project page fixed.User control update: Each workspace has a named owner which cannot be deleted. The owner may be changed by contacting

28/06/21 – Release #31

  • Feature update: With the Upload from Google Drive feature you may now also upload from shared folders.
  • Further improved changing of password process with guiding headlines and clearer instructions for selecting a suitable password.
  • Extended the link validity for share by link feature and invitation links for new users or guests. The links are now valid for 7 days from the creation.
  • Added a preview and format support for .ia files
  • Bug fixed: The download tool has now a set order for available formats
  • Bug fixed: Setting up a new searchable Custom Field is again working as it should.

16/6/21 – Release #30

  • Bug fix: Search fields’ scaling issues solved
  • Further improved search feature by updating the filters to fit the word search results
  • Bug fix: Better visualization of long names on the project’s Members list and a change to a better fitting icon for deleting a member from the project.

02/06/21 – Release #29

  • Added an automatic storage capacity control: when the storage limit has exceeded the storage and monthly invoices are increased automatically for 10€ per 100GB.
  • Added automatic email and workspace notifications to admins when over 90% and over 95% of current storage capacity is used.
  • New metadata type added: Read-only custom field, which helps to avoid infinity loops when building metadata integrations.
  • Pop-up notification to notify the user if the browsers pop-up blocker disables bulk download
  • Further improved rules of the account builder to degrease problems with account verification

03/05/21 – Release #28

  • Added an undo clip feature; the draft can now easily be deleted by clicking the “x” after the clip timestamp or with keyboard command z.
  • Further improved supporting tools for the workflow engine

21/04/21 – Release #27

  • New pricing model updated to Media Pocket. See the current prices
  • New feature: Upcoming Invoice added to the Billing page for admins to follow the current billing period.
  • Further improved the feature for changing the account type (starter, basic, or premium)
  • Added notifications and set an automatic increase of 5€ to the upcoming invoice if the plan’s user amount is exceeded
  • Get Started- page updated to create a starter account
  • Bug fixed to automatically update asset’s Custom Filed section after deleting a filed group
  • Attachments category deleted from storage statistics as now that attachments are child assets, they are included in original media.

23/03/21 – Release #26

  • Extended the pdf preview to cover multi-page pdf files
  • Further improved Google Drive uploading feature to accept video, image, and pdf files without the filename extension

12/05/20 – Release #11

  • Newsletter opt-in integration for all new users
  • Firefox Nordic alphabet bug fix
  • Confirmation prior to performing certain actions in UI
  • AI menu invisibility bug fix for mobile resolution for videos
  • Sample project for all new accounts, showcasing certain features
  • Celebrity facial recognition confidence accuracy fix (still false positives included)
  • Wide PDF preview UI bug fix
  • Tag & category inheritance from project to assets
  • Project level AI tag summary

27/04/20 – Release #10

  • AI analysis for video files (speech-to-text, visual identification & timestamp linking) Read more about Video AI
  • Login page UI adjustments
  • Project-level tag linking (behind the project info-button)
  • Subclip direct sharing asset name fix
  • Updated terms & conditions
  • Updated date picker for date-specific data fields
  • Speech-to-text *.srt & *.vtt download
  • Automated closed captions
  • Updated notification banner for Media Pocket internal communications

06/04/20 – Release #9

  • Share subclips directly via Share-button without the need to create sub-assets
  • Aspera export speed limit increased to 300mbps
  • Knowledge Base-link added to Media Pocket (bottom of screen).
  • Youtube export confirmation process increased with Google -> no security warnings.
  • Housekeeping rules increased -> better storage size management
  • Description field: text and word break optimized

26/03/20 – Release #8

  • Navigate away during upload: Uploads works now via “Upload” menu while exiting the upload screen
  • UI: Video rendering status now more informative
  • UI: Subclip rendering (order) now shows rendering status
  • AI: Faces now include celebrity and emotional recognition
  • Export: SCP (SFTP) and Aspera transfers now supported.
  • UI: Project interface now shows project size (next to filter)

09/03/20 – Release #7

  • FTP export: UI updates, possibility to name sources in addition to address
  • UI: Notification to user when an ordered subclip has been rendered
  • UI: Notification contains asset title for easier identification
  • UI: Mobile interface optimization (fields, AI menu)
  • UI: Asset download menu updated
  • UI: Password requirements made more visible
  • Subclip: Original asset name inherited instead of hash ID

27/02/20 – Release #6

  • Automatic AI-analysis for image files (min. 50 % confidence for tags) Read more about Image AI
  • Automatic indexing (included in search) for over 80 % confidence AI-tags
  • Filtering possible within the comment section

31/01/20 – Release #5

  • Asset duplication possibility to another project
  • Possibility to create an asset from a subclip
  • Comment section now retained at 800px and scrollable

20/01/20 – Release #4

  • List view: UI tuning, possible to click anywhere and visibility fix
  • Share: Possible to now share any asset via a public link (click “Share” on any asset)
  • Media Pocket file backup performance upgrade
  • Share -> Youtube: Asset tags were not included after an update –> Fixed
  • Assets were visible if window size was too small -> Fixed
  • File upload -> “Cancel” function now eliminates entire upload process
  • PDF assets are now dynamic (possible to select text), not only pictures of slides
  • Custom metadata now shows “last modified” information
  • Updated “Statistics” page graphics
  • Password requirements made stronger
  • Project icon is now compiled from assets within the project
  • Billing issue fixes

23/12/19 – Release #3

  • Video player short keys: J – reverse — some format unsupported. K – pause L – forward Timecode-specific: I – marker in O – marker out M – add marker (comment) up – move to in marker down – move to out marker
  • Possible to restart approval process
  • Bulk tagging feature possible in list view
  • Column reordering possible in list view

05/12/19 – Release #2

  • List view: sort/show/hide columns
  • Search results: CSV export
  • Updated ToS & Privacy Policy
  • Support-button added
  • Multiple custom field groups per asset
  • Multiple download options for assets

27/11/19 : Version 1.0

  • Subclip delivery in original format
  • Search size filter
  • Youtube export – tags
  • Scalable sidebar