Media Tailor and Amberscript Collaborated: A Finnish Speech Recognition and Transcription Revolution!

Media Tailor and Amberscript provide an unprecedented speech recognition and transcription solution for Finnish language.

The solution is a major breakthrough in the Finnish media landscape. It doesn’t only address what is lacking in the media industry, but also advances digital accessibility to a higher level.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration that will revolutionize the way Finnish media companies handle speech recognition and transcription.

Media Tailor has partnered with Amberscript, a leading Dutch company specializing in AI speech-to-text platforms. Together we provide an unprecedented solution tailored specifically for the Finnish language.

Major AI providers predominantly focus on supporting widely spoken languages. Instead, Amberscript has developed an exceptional AI-powered speech-to-text platform with comprehensive support for Finnish.

This groundbreaking collaboration enables us to seamlessly integrate Amberscript’s advanced capabilities into our flagship product Media Pocket – the smart media management platform.

The importance of digital accessibility is constantly growing in our society. The cooperation helps Media Pocket’s users to develop their services more accessible to even larger audiences. 

Media Pocket is already used by the biggest media houses in Finland. Now they are able to enable full accessibility for viewers with visual impairments through audio description – better than ever before.

Amberscript’s AI-Powered Platform Delivers Unparalleled Quality and Efficiency

With this collaboration, Media Tailor and Amberscript provide Finnish media companies a centralized media platform. It has all the essential features required for efficient media management and distribution, including transcription, subtitling, audio description, dubbing, or translations.

Amberscript’s cutting-edge generative AI technology, combined with the expertise of their language professionals who perfect texts & subtitles, ensures the highest quality results for media companies’ transcription and subtitling requirements. 

By leveraging this actively developing AI, we can create subtitles at scale while maintaining the human touch necessary for impeccable accuracy.

For media companies aiming to expand their global reach, our collaboration offers the ability to reach international viewers in their local languages through efficient dubbing services.

One of the key advantages of our collaboration is the accelerated editing time and production processes. Amberscript’s industry-leading software and professional transcribers allow for speedy project completion without compromising quality.

Additionally, high-quality translations are now readily available within hours. Thanks to the combined efforts of Amberscript’s professional translators and generative AI.

Revolutionizing The Finnish Media Industry

This joint solution provides a one-stop shop for all localization and accessibility needs that media companies have.

We believe that our collaboration represents a major breakthrough in the Finnish media landscape. Media Tailor and Amberscript are committed to provide innovative solutions that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and unlock new possibilities for Finnish media companies.

We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration brings. We eagerly anticipate providing unparalleled support for your media management requirements through this groundbreaking solution.

Contact information:

Markus Paul, CEO & Partner, Media Tailor

+358 10 326 8510

About Amberscript

Ambescript’s mission is to make all audio accessible. They believe thoroughly that a for-profit mindset can go hand in hand with creating an as large as possible positive impact in the world.

Amberscript has worked closely with people who have a hearing impairment. Their continuous feedback allows them to build better services. Services that in turn, help organizations comply with Digital accessibility regulations. Because the power of language should be available to everyone.