Proudly announcing a multiyear contract continuation with media giant Sanoma!

Finland’s largest commercial media company Sanoma broadcasts tens of thousands of hours of entertainment to the public every year.

Each program that is broadcasted by Sanoma, is its own file, which runs through a digital platform developed by Media Tailor. The cooperation has brought Sanoma both efficiency and technological advantage in the digital race of media companies. And now, they are hungry for more.

Way back in 2016, Nelonen Media (a business unit of Sanoma Media Finland) realized, that the booming consumption of media needed a new-kind-of agility for media management and distribution to support media houses’ constantly expanding multi-channel vision.

Pondering between solutions providers, Nelonen Media was delighted with Media Tailors’ automation-oriented and data-driven approach. The deep knowledge of the media industry along with the state-of-the-art tailored solution craft won the battle and started the duos’ success story.

Choosing a relatively small and nimble media logistics service provider was a light risk for Sanoma, but it was clearly worth it. As a result of successful cooperation with constantly enhanced media workflows, Sanoma recently signed a four-year contract extension.

The agreement covers the management and distribution of all TV channels of the Nelonen Media brand as well as the series, films, and commercials of the Ruutu streaming service.

Media Tailor does things in a new way and they have fulfilled our expectations as a partner for smooth media management. They know the needs of the media industry like their own pockets.

Matti Lampinen, Director, Technical Projects & Distribution at Nelonen Media

Six years ago, the journey of a media file from the creator of the program to the viewer involved many manual steps. Media Tailor has almost completely automated the material management processes. Advanced data-driven technology saves considerable time and effort.

We are constantly developing our operations and our service does not rely on third-party software. Since the beginning, we have wanted to guarantee TV channels the opportunity to use as much of their budget as possible for the most important thing, i.e. producing and ordering good programs. We are able to do this work so efficiently that it is now in everyone’s interest. We are very grateful for Sanoma’s continued trust!

Markus Paul, CEO, Media Tailor Oy

Sanoma statistics within 7 years

+ 6 M


+ 60 K

Ingested Media Assets

+ 20 K

Hours of Live Broadcast

+ 33 K

Ingested VoD Only Assets

Sanoma Media is the leading media house in Finland. Nelonen Media is one of the business units of Sanoma Media Finland Oy, a subsidiary of the Sanoma Group. Almost 100% of Finnish people spend time with Sanoma’s print and digital media every week.

Media Tailor has been operating the Media Logistics and Playout of Nelonen Media’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels since November 2016.

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