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Why DAM is a good investment for your company?

Businesses are continuously looking for cost-efficient ways to improve their competitive advantage. But what makes DAM a solid investment?

We live in an era where digital asset management has become part of the business. Marketing teams spend hours managing and producing quality content for a large variety of channels daily using more or less cost-effective working methods. DAM software shows its true power when used to manage media assets effectively by re-innovating routines to more modern using advantages of the latest technology.

Most of us are already familiar with cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox which simply allow users to store, create and share content on the same platform. Manually searching media files from a folder maze can give a slight headache and that’s where an advanced DAM software with comprehensive features comes in handy.

Before diving into the most valuable features of DAM, it is a good idea to think in advance about what you value the most. Service providers have different features that may not meet your needs or personal taste. For example, do you appreciate a user-friendly interface with limited functions over complicated but comprehensive AI-features? Or perhaps the best of both solutions? By comparing different options you will find the best alternative that fits best for your company.

Most valuable features of DAM

It’s all about efficiency

DAM software in itself is already a cost-efficient solution simply due to one platform where all actions take place reducing used time to find and gather media files. Improving and simplifying your archive structure reduces manual work and time spent finding the right files. Having a user-friendly interface not only pleases users’ experience but also saves resources and time when having all media assets organized.


A major benefit of using the DAM solution is having a shared working environment. Instead of sharing assets via email or USB-stick, centralizing work on a single platform supports workflow allowing colleges to manage, share and examine media assets in an easily accessible platform.


Finding the exact media assets is one of the key advantages of using DAM software. Most common are keywords and phrases which are used to describe your assets to ensure desired results. Some vendors such as Media Pocket offer more advanced search functions using AI-assist and filters such as tags, category and status enabling rapid media access.


Sending a few pictures via email is not an issue until there are a large number of media files to be shared among coworkers and clients. DAM service allows involved persons to work on media files in real-time due to a cloud-based platform. Integrating a DAM system into the center of your business structure with the right amount of storage space ensures effective media shareability.

Access control

Sharing permissions is useful to invite guests to projects you are currently working on. An access control structure ensures quick material findability from the system and makes working efficient without unnecessary fuss.

Artificial intelligence

Sure, you can use conventional methods to manage media assets manually, but have you ever thought of using an AI-driven technology to help organize and find your files automatically when you need them? Some providers offer intelligent AI-assisted picture and video analyzing features that help findability with automatic image recognition and smart tagging.

Less complicated working environment – benefits of dam investment

Worldwide competition has led to a point where media publishers are seeking to find a DAM solution to increase efficiency with only a minimal financial impact. Benefits are individual depending on the service provider and the problems it resolves in your case. For a roughly estimated return of investment, check out our ROI calculator.

For example, a marketing team of three contributors, each working 10 hours a week with an average annual salary of 30, 000, can save up to 200 % using all benefits of DAM.

Moving to a cloud service not only conserves resources on mandatory measures but also makes working much more enjoyable due to a user-friendly working environment. Relieving stress and decreasing time gathering necessary media assets leads to spare more time on the productive part.

Deliberate options and prioritize features before discussing with a consultant to get the most out of your DAM experience. If you’re looking for a DAM solution for all your media assets, Media Pocket is definitely a great pick for your needs.

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