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TOP 10 Media Pocket releases in 2022

Media Pocket cloud service is constantly developing based on our customers’ needs. We gathered the top 10 new features and applications released during the soon-ending year 2022.

1. Loader Application

The launch of browser-based Media Pocket Loader has been a huge development step, serving especially media and production companies’ effortless cloud transition strategy. Loader enables transferring large media projects while keeping the whole project structure and all files intact: fast and location-independent archiving and restoring between workstations, production environments, and the cloud. With Loader Drop you can easily transfer files between the production server and shared drop folder where you can invite your material producers.

2. Collections

Collections offer a tool to collect assets from different projects to an asset group, without the need to upload new ones or duplicate existing ones. You can add members to a collection for collaboration or sharing, without them being members of the original project, and they won’t see to which project an asset belongs. Handy, isn’t it?

3. Quick menu

The project tree view was created for agile navigation in your environment. It shows the current location and projects in alphabetical order.

4. User access management

This year, we have paid special attention to faster and more versatile user access management. Environment admins can control user access management versatile with user roles and user groups. User groups enable quickly adding new users to the right projects and collections, automatically gaining the same access rights as other members in the group. Creating and editing your own user roles is easy with the new User Roles tool.

5. Speed and performance

We have made Media Pocket faster than ever for you to use. This means an overall improvement in the platform’s speed: quicker search, response time, etc.

6. Search tools

Find the needed file faster than ever! New and powered-up search features, such as extended search settings, search operators, and auto-suggestion ensure the quickest possible asset location process.

5.1 Search settings tool

We have added a search settings tool for even more accurate searches. If the default listing includes metadata fields that are not relevant to you, you may adjust the word search from Settings. This feature allows you to, for example, leave out AI tags if you prefer to get only results with metadata you have created.

5.2 Search operators and one-click start

Search operators can be used to extend and define your searches more efficiently – now also in custom fields. Search will now start when pressing enter or clicking on the search -icon in the search field.

5.3 Project-related search

Now you are able to search also inside a specific project (excl. related sub-projects) instead of a diverse word search that covers the whole environment.

7. Storage Policy / hybrid cloud solutions

We’ve added new storage options to choose from that best suit your business needs. For new environments, the media can be stored either in a public cloud or in a hybrid cloud at TV Tools Data Center.

8. Microsoft compatibility

Media Pocket supports now direct asset sharing with Microsoft Azure Blob cloud storage. Microsoft single-sign-on (SSO) makes it easier to access Media Pocket using your organization’s own Microsoft accounts.

9. Email Share renewal

All assets can be shared directly and securely with third parties, such as business partners or marketing agencies via email either individually or in bulk. You may select the media version and set the download limit and link expiration date.

10. Customizable table view

A lot of content in your environment? With the customizable table view feature, sorting asset lists won’t cause you a headache anymore. Especially, if we are talking about a huge amount of media results.

In Table Settings you’re able to modify:

In 2022 Media Pocket’s user base has grown significantly, which has shifted the product development to more user-centric. We have ensured deployment of the platform for Yle and MTV teams. We appreciate our forward-looking partners and users that have helped to develop Media Pocket. We are thrilled to continue developing with them in the following years.

Heidi Vainio-Pekka, Product Owner

Lastly, we want to express our special thanks to our dedicated product development partners: TV Tools Development and Post & Infra Teams for making Media Pocket greater than ever this year.

Ready to enhance your company’s media management processes?

If you are eager to try out the new features and application in action, we are happy to arrange a customized demo and a Media Pocket trial for you.

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