2021 Wrapped: Media Pocket edition

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the good things this past year 2021 presented us with!

After plowing through the initial shock period in 2020, we’ve managed to gain some momentum after getting accustomed to the so-called “new normal”. Surely we’ll soon get past all this craziness around the globe, but in the meantime let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the good things this past year 2021 presented us with!

Exciting collaborations

This is one of our company’s greatest triumphs to date, as we managed to land a collaboration with Yle! In the near future, Media Pocket will redeem its place as Yle’s digital asset management system for the company’s marketing materials. This project began after Media Pocket won a public procurement shared by Yle over the summer, and has now already progressed at a great pace. The solution is currently under some fine-tuning by our development team and is set to be delivered during the spring of 2022. We’re sincerely grateful for the trust Yle has granted us with this project and really looking forward to working together.

Read more on Media Pocket’s collaboration with Yle from our case study below.

Case study: Yle

You might remember a while ago we established a collaboration with Vestia, a waste management company to combine AI-supported digital asset management and recycling. The idea was to utilize Media Pocket with its’ AI image recognition technology to deliver recycling instructions based on a photo that anyone could send of their recyclable objects.

Now the solution is finally live on Vestia’s website! You can check it out here to try it yourself (be aware that the website is only in Finnish).

Case study: Vestia

Media Pocket’s latest development 

Here are a few selections from our Media Pocket’s development team over the past year regarding the advancement of our digital asset management platform;

1. Our new cropping tool allows you to make versions of your assets in alternative dimensions suitable for various publishing purposes on different platforms! 


2. Enhanced metadata utilization, as we added a new informative segment that shows all metadata gathered attached in the document via EXIF/IPTC. This is very common within photographers and different organizations to help keep all necessary information accessible when it comes to our precious digital property. 

3. Extensive development was made on our API to make integration possibilities even more versatile. This allows you to integrate Media Pocket as a part of your digital ecosystem easier, increasing the harmony between different platforms at the same time as improving your digital asset management processes!

4. Google single-sign-on (SSO) makes it easier to access Media Pocket using your organizations’ own Google accounts! Simply combine your Media Pocket with your Google accounts, and log in by selecting your Google account from the list shown on the sign-in page.

5. Custom fields were taken to the next level, enabling them to be more versatile and customized. Complex custom field functions were enabled, allowing functionalities such as setting them to open by default, locked/read-only, and add field by default.

“The year 2021 has been an interesting year in our product development as the focus has shifted from internal development to customer-driven development. We are lucky to have a dedicated development team, that is keeping the quality high and looking after the overall functionality of the product, even under time-pressure and distinctive needs from different stakeholders/customers.”

Heidi Vaino-Pekka, Product Owner

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