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Defining DAM, MAM, PAM, VAM

All so similar yet still different. But which one suits us? Let’s dig deeper into MAM, PAM, VAM – and discover the DAM difference!

DAM = Digital Asset Management

DAM is the most commonly recognized term for any system whose primary purpose is to store all kinds of digital files (videos, pics, docs, audio, HTML) and related data wisely. DAM’s role in this term family is certainly “the father” for these all later-born kids – PAM & VAM. While MAM takes the role of a mom, obviously.

When do you need a DAM?

Although DAM systems are for all-purpose fitting into the needs of anyone working with digital files, they make a perfect couple-up with organizations that require primarily rotating and storing vast amounts of documents (pdf, Word, Excel, etc.) along with images and maybe small videos as well. 

MAM = Media Asset Management

MAM aka. “The mom” of the DAM-MAM-PAM-VAM family is designed from the ground up for managing media files such as video, audio, and images in terms of agility. MAM is the best solution for archiving any media files securely for long-term preservation due to its flexible capacity and processing power. Its video and photo format support is often wider than DAM’s document-supported list. 

We at Media Tailor truly believe that MAM is the future solution as the number of new media files in organizations is ever-growing as the video revolution keeps on running.

When do you need a MAM?

MAM is loved by marketing and creative teams & individuals. That’s because for all of them, digital files, especially pictures and videos, are at the heart of their daily work. They are able to rip the most out of DAM’s features for effective finding, managing, reusing, and fast distributing brand-related content. When a team consists of many members and usually holds versatile connections to stakeholders and customers, the collaboration with media files needs to be supercharged. Fast and easy remote collaboration is definitely one of MAM’s ultimate benefits.

PAM = Production Asset Management

PAM is a uniquely built system for empowering video production workflow. PAMs are able to greatly handle large media files like film, video games, and animation assets acting as a building block for some large, amazing production entities.

When do you need a PAM?

PAM is a brilliant solution when you need a simplified, smooth workflow between the in-action video crew and editors’ table at pre-production, and in the main production phase. In these phases, continually changing assets need to be quickly moved between several platforms and alternative versions of video assets must be agilely created.

On the other hand, PAMs are not suitable to cover the needs to store and work with archives in the post-production phase. That’s when integrations to a MAM or DAM comes essential.

Hold up – there’s one more!

VAM = Video Asset Management

VAM, sometimes referred to as VDAM (Video Digital Asset Management) can be seen as a system subset of MAM. It usually also includes an in-build editor for videos, which can be a pleasant feature for some video creatives that don’t really want or need to use most common video editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects. Often the built-in video editors have much narrower features than market leaders editing software applications. That’s why VAM usually integrates within a larger MAM or DAM system.

Media Pocket is a smart & secure solution for the long-term archiving of media files

Media Pocket is a smart asset management system that can serve any workflow issue related to smooth digital asset flow. If we need to define, in which category it belongs – it would definitely be described primarily as a MAM system. The fundamental idea of developing Media Pocket was and is to ease and streamline the work with media files – even with the heavier ones. For these matters, Media Pocket includes unique features based on Artificial Intelligence – AI, that makes finding and working with video and images even faster.

It is good to recall that Media Pocket isn’t particularly specialized in production workflow – we are not there just yet. But it’s a brilliant and cost-effective solution for post-production use – for smart archiving, distributing, and effective collaboration with all kinds of assets. 

Whether you need a DAM, PAM, or MAM – or a hybrid model of them all, we are here to help you with your decision. Let’s arrange a meeting to discover your specific needs.

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