material processing VOD skyshowtime.

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Seamless Implementation of the Skyshowtime Service and Material Processing Into Ruutu

During the implementation of the new SkyShowtime VOD service, Media Tailor was in charge of receiving and processing material as well as metadata management.

In September 2022, Paramount+ changed to SkyShowtime. At the same time, the new service became available for Nelonen Media’s Ruutu streaming service.

The service not only retained the contents that were already in the service, but in addition to them, SkyShowtime offers a comprehensive package of content exclusively from Universal Pictures, Sky and NBCUniversal studios.

As a result, the amount of content in the Ruutu service has greatly expanded. Media Tailor, a long-term partner of Nelonen Media and, among other things, responsible for broadcast playout, was valuable in the launch of the new service.

Media Tailor’s know-how in managing and processing the material gave the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the service project and to have peace of mind that the launch will be done at the agreed time.

Jarri Vuorio, Product Manager, Supla & Ruutu, Nelonen Media

material processing VOD skyshowtime.

New VOD Service and Lots of New Quality Content

The new service means exciting new content, such as the exclusive drama series Yellowstone and lots of new movies. Media Tailor’s main responsibility in the project was receiving and processing the material coming to the SkyShowtime VOD service, as well as metadata management.

As is customary, no voyage is without challenges. The project with a fast schedule also required new development work alongside the already ready platforms and processes.

In addition to this, the amount of material to be processed was unprecedentedly large.

Fast, agile and, above all, successful development work is proof of how easily our products and services can be scaled to the need at hand. Although there was a huge amount of material to process, in the end everything needed was successfully completed.

A good example of agile development work is the so-called “metadata interpreter”, which automatically interprets different metadata according to the standard used by Media Tailor and Nelonen Media.

material processing VOD skyshowtime.

Skyshowtime Is Proof of Successful and High-Quality Cooperation

In the smooth implementation of the SkyShowtime VOD service, it was not only about how Media Tailor succeeded in his part, but also effective communication was a key factor. The communication was maintained closely both within the country, around Europe, and to the United States as well.

SkyShowtime is a huge leap forward for Nelonen Media’s service offering. Now they are able to offer more and more high-quality material from the Ruutu service to their customers.

Both this and the recently released Pluto TV are convincing examples of Media Tailor’s developed services and tools, as well as the ability to adapt to new needs.

The long cooperation with Nelonen Media and Sanoma makes it possible to implement again the processes and workflows developed over the years whenever necessary. With their help, the adoption and management of new services also goes smoothly.

Once again, with the help of our solutions, we managed to help Nelonen Media develop its services even better. SkyShowtime is a good indication of how Nelonen Media has wanted to develop its services and we have provided the necessary technical support for it.

Matti Tanttari, Service Manager, Media Tailor

material processing VOD skyshowtime.

You can test the SkyShowtime service free of charge here.

Want to learn more about efficient VoD processing and transfer? We’d be happy to tell you more.

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