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Media Pocket’s features are divided into six modules. The modules enable a streamlined and uninterrupted content supply chain from start to finish. On this page you can view the features of our software.



Centralize all media distribution and publishing to Media Pocket, and you’ll make sure you stay on schedule. Effortlessly publish your content from Media Pocket to a multitude of video platforms and playout systems, facilitating a seamless delivery process.

Don’t let distribution complexities slow you down!

Media Tailor
Media Tailor



Configure publishing channels for your destinations and easily deliver multiple asset at once. Possible solutions include: Aspera, Azure Blob S3, FTP or SCP.

Automated sharing

Possibility for automated delivery workflows (additional service).

Share assets or collections

Share individual assets via email links. Create a collection of assets and add members or invite guest users to view and download the needed media files.

Share to branded Media Portal publication platform (additional service)

Share selected assets and metadata via your company branded media portal e.g. image bank or press portal. Read more here.

Related industries


With Media Pocket, broadcasters can improve productivity and deliver high-quality content in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Media houses

By implementing Media Pocket, media houses can optimize their content operations and maintain a competitive edge.


Media Pocket helps brands to strengthen their brand identity and deliver compelling marketing materials.

Media Tailor
Media Tailor

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DAM centralizes all digital content such as photos, videos, and other formats into one browser-based software.


Take advantage of existing solutions and integrate Media Pocket in various, interoperable ways.

Media Portal

The comprehensive solution for managing and sharing media content.

Related case studies

MTV pioneers in the media industry’s cloud transition

MTV pioneers in the media industry’s cloud transition

Media Tailor and TV Tools delivered a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution for MTV to support efficient multi-channel marketing operations while relocating to their new premises in Pöllölaakso.

Centralizing Sanoma Media Finland’s Clip Archives

Centralizing Sanoma Media Finland’s Clip Archives

Centralizing their clip archives with Media Tailor’s services helps Sanoma to streamline their production processes creating new ways to use and monetize large amounts of content.

Media Pocket is Yle’s first choice as a DAM solution

Media Pocket is Yle’s first choice as a DAM solution

Media Pocket serves Yle as a centralized image management platform for organizations’ massive and constantly growing marketing and communications material archive.

DAM platform for your needs!

The versatile features of Media Pocket enable the software to be useful for any company!

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