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Yle Archive’s Photo Collections Transfer to Media Pocket

Hundreds of thousands of files and irreplaceable cultural value. Yle has changed the platform it uses for archiving photos and will centralize more and more of the company’s photo management and archiving functions on Media Pocket in the future.

Yle, or Yleisradio, was founded in 1926. Since then, it has produced versatile content for Finns throughout the decades.

Today, Yle’s content offering is huge. It has three television channels, six radio channels, text TV, streaming service Yle Areena, a mobile application and internet services on the website.

This shows that Yle’s history holds an unfathomable amount of different content. As a national media company owned by the Finnish state, one of its goals, in addition to providing content, has been to archive as much of it as possible.

Metro, which functions as a centralized archiving system for all the company’s media materials, is not primarily designed as a management system for photo media, but for video and audio. Because of this, Yle has decided to centralize the management of new marketing photos produced in the company and photo archive collections in the same information system.

One platform that reaches more and more Yle employees

Media Pocket, developed by Media Tailor, has been used by Yle since 2022. The platform specialized in digital asset management operates as Yle’s centralized image management platform.

In this way, the company will centralize more and more of its materials on Media Pocket in the future.

Exporting the archive to Media Pocket brings numerous benefits. In addition to archive materials getting a secure and high-quality cloud home for themselves, Yle can also centralize more and more materials and functions on one and the same platform.

The management and archiving of the company’s photo media through the same system benefits not only the main user groups, marketing and archives, but all Yle units, where photos are published in the most diverse ways.

The migration of Yle Arkisto’s photo collections to Media Pocket is an important milestone, which enables centralized management and archiving of the company’s photo media under the same system.

In the future, Media Pocket will function as the production system for marketing images produced by Yle’s marketing team and as the archive system for the photo collections managed by Yle Archive.

Centralizing collections and operations in the same system benefits the main user groups, because the further development needs are common and their promotion and prioritization can be agreed upon together.

Centralization also benefits a large number of Yle’s image publishers, because a significant part of Yle’s image material can be searched from the same system.

Pekka Kauranen, Main Archive User, Yle

The successful transfer of the archive is proof of long-term development work

Yle did not want to start cooperation with Media Tailor only because of the high-quality DAM software. In addition to the software, the company wanted a partner by its side who is capable of continuous development and is ready to respond to their development needs.

Yle’s new archive is an excellent example of long-term development work. It has been painstakingly produced along with other Yle development processes. The customer’s needs have been taken into account in the development work, which means that communication between the parties has been carefully nurtured.

The archive transferred to Media Pocket already contains half a million files. All in all, the amount of content processed by Yle on a daily level corresponds to the largest in Finland, which means that it is natural that Yle requires solutions that can manage huge amounts ​​of content.

And best of all, Media Pocket has managed to process and archive every file. Handling such huge amounts shows that Media Pocket is capable of scaling very far.

Seamless cooperation with Yle Archive’s professionals in both the planning and implementation phases, as well as Media Pocket’s processing ability and the agility of the interface were the keys to success.

Henri Mitikka, Product Specialist, Media Tailor

Tailor-made solutions for even bigger hunger

Yle and Media Tailor have found a common note from the very first moments. In just over a year, the platform has taken several steps forward, and the pace is nowhere near slowing down.

Transferring the archive to Media Pocket is a sign of solid trust. During Yle’s long, decades-long history, extensive material has been accumulated, several of which have significant cultural value. Therefore, they should be stored safely.

Above all, we have lived up to our name to Yle – our platform, developed with high quality and logic, enables tailor-made features that meet the needs of a huge media company.


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